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Jan 21st, 2020
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Re: CDL questions
bowtietim #721310 Tue Feb 15 2011 08:53 PM
Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 4
New Guy
Originally Posted by bowtietim
I have the air brake endorsement to go along with my CDL license here in KS.

Each category is considered an endoresment.

passenger,airbrake,Hazmat,doubles,triples,tank vehicle.


Not exactly, you just don't have a restriction.

Re: CDL questions
MulliganMan #721318 Tue Feb 15 2011 09:39 PM
Joined: May 2005
Posts: 9,147
These CDL and air brake discussions always seem to go round and round in circles....

How about just leave it that you should contact your local department of motor vehicles and the state trooper or DOT enforcement folks to see what they say, how do the people who enforce them read the laws?

If you get pulled over and have some trouble then an excuse like this may not go over so well...

"Well officer, My friends on this Internet forum thing, some of them no less than 3,000 miles away, well you see.. they all seemed to say I'd be just fine driving my truck with the license I have...."


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Re: CDL questions
Grigg #721370 Wed Feb 16 2011 01:40 AM
Joined: Aug 2008
Posts: 84
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I dunno, links to FHWA and such sound like useful information to me.

"Well, officer, that's not what the law back home is" doesn't really fly if you are in a different state...

How about if you are tired of the thread...

1956 Chevy 3600 Dually
Re: CDL questions
cfesting #721379 Wed Feb 16 2011 02:09 AM
Joined: Dec 2005
Posts: 2,599
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Mulliganman,you are correct on my situation.Everything I listed but the air brakes is considered an endorsement.


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Re: CDL questions
ScottGMC40001964 #1365539 Fri Jun 19 2020 11:36 AM
Joined: Feb 2012
Posts: 36
Wrench Fetcher
In Alaska, you are required to have a CDL to drive anything over 26,000 lbs. You need extra endorsements for air brake, combinations (truck/trailer) or anything carrying HazMat. Medical card and random drug testing for CDL Background check for HazMat, and you are required to report any ticket to your employer within 24 hours. I worked at Anchorage Int. Airport, the job required I have Class A CDL with endorsements including HazMat which required a background check, random drug testing, and post accident drug testing, To work on the Airport Operating Area, background check, random drug testing, post accident drug testing,and airport I.D. card. The company I worked for had the same requirements, plus the company owned an off site tank farm at the harbor in Anchorage which required, you guessed it, backgound check, random drug testing, post accident testing, a Mar Sec Id card, and none of the entities would accept anybody elses' background checks!!

Good luck!

Last edited by Shacklett; Fri Jun 19 2020 11:37 AM. Reason: correction
Re: CDL questions
ScottGMC40001964 #1365547 Fri Jun 19 2020 12:35 PM
Joined: Apr 2005
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You must be really bored this morning. nanner

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Re: CDL questions
ScottGMC40001964 #1366138 Tue Jun 23 2020 11:07 PM
Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 97
Shop Shark
I'm not telling anyone that their research is wrong. All of the above may all be 100% valid without conflicting with my experience in Ontario, Canada.
Examples of differences include:
1. Here a class B applies to school buses which are considered just a notch below an A (which permits you to drive pretty much anything) but above public transit or inter-city buses (class C) and straight trucks over 11000kg (class D, but no trailers over 4600 kg which require an A class either with or without R restriction). Classes are clearly not consistent between jurisdictions, other areas may use numbers or letter for classes, endorsements and restrictions and the way they are grouped also seems to vary.
2. Here an airbrake endorsement (code Z) is also required for air boosted hydraulic brakes such as on the military M135 or M211 series. I get a headache trying to understand just the rules here, without considering other areas. As an example of a possible (but possibly a bit unusual) combination, I currently hold a class BM license with Z endorsement and X restriction (glasses required). An example of what I don't understand is whether I can keep my current BM with Z (which includes airbrake trailers) but add an A(R) and then tow an airbrake trailer. My Z endorsement should permit it but the R on an A normally wouldn't. The point of the A(R) is to be able to tow a trailer of over 4600 kg (usually electric brake) behind a pickup (by itself, the A(R) would prohibit air brakes and multiple trailers). Either I'm dumb or the rules are complex... I will need to find a knowledgeable commercial enforcement or licensing source to clarify this, probably smarter if I were to study the Highway Traffic Act and/or the Regulations related to it..... and then discuss.
3. Here I'm required to pass medicals to keep a D or higher license but the license itself is considered proof of the medical (no separate card here) - the frequency of exams depends on my age.
There's nothing to stop you from having a G (cars and light trucks) license with Z endorsement, I used to have this for my M135CDN toy/restoration.

A link to a document I found summarizing Canadian drivers' licenses is at

There is definitely supposed to be some sort of reciprocity - if I'm in another jurisdiction operating in a way contrary to their rules but in a way that would be legal in my home jurisdiction I should be accepted - but I don't really want to test this. I try to operate in a "reasonable" way at all times to avoid drawing attention in the first place.

I hope I haven't said anything incorrect here, or added to anyone's confusion.

Please do your own research to determine the rules both locally and wider area in your place of driving (I don't expect enforcement will listen if you say "I was told..." or "I heard").

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