Chevron Delo EP NLGI 00 Semi-Fluid Grease for vintage manual steering gearboxes.

$24 per 1.875 pound container (approximately 1 quart), plus shipping, or
$13 per standard 14 oz. cartridge, plus shipping.
Shipping typically runs between $9-$11 for up to four 14 oz. cartridges or two 1 quart-size containers (zip code needed to quote shipping).
PayPal preferred payment method.

This is a superior, synthetic semi-fluid (self-leveling) grease for all vintage steering gear applications. Its specs exceed that of the commonly used Champion “00” and Penrite Semi-Fluid Steering Gear Fluid from Australia (which surprisingly at manufacturer stated 18 pounds, doesn’t meet EP minimum standard of 40 pounds for Timken OK Load test, per ASTM D 2509). The base oil viscosity is equivalent to 90 weight gear oil, which was the original spec for many GM steering gearboxes. It will flow somewhat better than the commonly used John Deere “Cornhead” grease, which is NLGI 0 rated. It should not leak as does 90 weight gear oil from vintage steering gearboxes in normal condition and operation.

Since it is available from Chevron in a minimum 35 pound (5 gallon) pail, this is excess material well over and above my needs, recently acquired and repackaged in my shop in fluorinated HDPE quart containers which are suitable for long-term storage of oil and grease products. Based on several requests, I have also repackaged some of the grease in in standard 14 oz grease cartridges as well as the quart bottles. The cartridge tubes are brand new, metal seal on one end and plastic cap on the other. They are HPDE lined for safe long-term storage of grease. Each container is sealed and labeled with the Chevron Smart-fill labeling system code for Delo EP 00 grease. Limited supply.

A copy of the Chevron Product Data Sheet (PDS) and MSDS will be included in the shipment. Send a PM for more details!

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