HI DON & GROUP ITS TOO DMN COLD HERE IN IOWA ! but remember spring will be here before we know it ! anyway does anybody in the riverside mo area know how the park is progressing on its remodel you know i really liked the show where it was this yr! also just wondering what some of our members that go to the kc get together are doing to there vehicles before the big event in september ? i might drive a 66 chevy crew cab truck im redoing or a 69 c-30 -old "ryder " van truck or a 58 gmc 1/2 to napco carryall --all three have been on the "in waiting " lot at my shop ! my carryall needs a new wiring loom & would like to put a overdrive trans in it -maybe a "gear vendors" {anybody know of one cheap ?} & probably a ford rear axle {im wearing out them 12 bolt ones & the parts are hard to get & expensive } ive worn out a 3:43 posi & 2 std 3:08 ones -plus when something happens your broke down & waiting on parts-next day ? with a ford -i can change center sections & axle bearings easier ! anyway group guys take care ! mike & pat wahl