Being a Pacer the front is a Ford bolt pattern and the rear has a 1979 Nova rear end with 2,73 gears and a chevy bolt pattern, but the wheels came from Wheel Vintique and multi bolt pattern. The fronts are 215/75/15 and the rears are 235/75/15. Planning on changing at least the rears soon to the same size as the fronts. They have been on there since at least 2006 or longer. Only 36,000 miles on them. I drive around 3000 miles a year and that is mostly highway miles, To KC. I have tried to find the paperwork for the wheels and even called the company and they had no record. I would guess that they are standard offset. No tubs. and the same offset. For 235s the width and the offset are close. The first time I drove it and distance after completion, I notice the rear tires where rubbing and I was so frustrated that I just yanked on them pulled the fenders out and I have had no problems since. In the rear, they are about a finger width clearance.

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1960 MGA Roadster Sold 7/18/2017
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