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Bad Back #1339703 Mon Dec 30 2019 05:14 PM
Joined: Sep 2013
Posts: 964
moparguy Offline OP
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Please don't misconstrue "Bad Back" and think of bad as in"Bad Hombre". I'm talking about a icepick in the lower spine sorta "bad". I got out of bed yesterday morning as I have for most of my life by using the (admittedly juvenile) method of raising both legs a couple feet as counterbalance and sitting straight up while spinning out of bed (I know not a pretty picture smile ). When I stood up I remember thinking, yep that didn't feel right. Well, after attending to morning duties I had to call Mrs. Mopar to assist in getting off the porcelain throne. Made it to the couch, laid down. After a hour on the heating pad, used a old set of crutches to slowly get back in bed. Stayed there ALL day on a heating pad. By dark the heat and 4 naproxen had worked a minor miracle. As long as I didn't move much.

This morning, things are about 50% better. Hoping for similar improvement tomorrow.

I had the big back surgery due to a ruptured disk back in '87. Since then pretty much zero issues as long as proper lifting techniques were observed. This recent bout was due I think to a number of normally insignificant events that all happened in a short span of time. Loaded a bunkbed in a box to the back of wife's tall flat bed truck. Ran chain saw for a bit, drove 800 miles round trip in wife's flat bed truck over Christmas to Tennessee son's house. Played with grandkids like I was 30 something. It all added up to being in bed with a ton of work I'd much rather be doing. I've learned, that crap don't fix itself.

So, anyone have any particularly effective home remedy type advice? I've preached the benefits of walking for years but unfortunately over the past two months I've fallen off that healthy band wagon so that's on top of the list asap.

1951 3600 with Clark flatbed, T5, 4.10 rear
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Re: Bad Back [Re: moparguy] #1339724 Mon Dec 30 2019 07:16 PM
Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 881
TPR57C Offline
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Get back on that wagon of walking

57 3200 pickup 265 V8 with service tray
Re: Bad Back [Re: moparguy] #1339739 Mon Dec 30 2019 08:55 PM
Joined: Mar 2007
Posts: 558
TUTS 59 Offline
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I feel your pain... literally. I ruptured a disc in 01' while deployed. Like you I know the moment I move wrong or over do it. For me alternating heat and ice works best, I try not to take anything unless I have to. I have a yoga roller that I roll my back on to help stretch it out, it helps but only time and rest will make it right. I have a Chiropractor that keeps me from being crippled completely, Dr. John is ruthless but he keeps me walking.


Come,Bleed or Blister somethings got to give!!!
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59' Apache 31, long term project (30 years and counting)
Re: Bad Back [Re: moparguy] #1339743 Mon Dec 30 2019 09:18 PM
Joined: Feb 2001
Posts: 6,669
WE b OLD Offline
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Get well soon.

Ron, The Computer Greek
I love therefore I am.

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Re: Bad Back [Re: moparguy] #1339753 Mon Dec 30 2019 09:42 PM
Joined: May 2015
Posts: 1,769
klhansen Offline
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Sorry to hear that. Brings back old memories of when my wife hauled me back from a canoe trip to the emergency room. Not to self: "Don't carry the darn canoe by yourself."
Another episode going to the chiropractor and hoisting myself out of the passenger seat of the car by doing a pull-up from the roof. Then going in and sitting on his table waiting for him to come in and my left leg going numb! (at least the pain stopped). Took about 6 months for the feeling to come back to the bottom of my foot. I've managed to avoid triggering episodes, mostly. Last time was loading 100 lb diesel cylinder heads in a wheelbarrow and turning wrong.
So I can say I feel your pain.
Definitely take it easy for a while. Walking and once able, situps are good therapy. Keep those core muscles strong.

First car '29 Ford Special Coupe
#2 - '29 Ford pickup restored from the ground up.
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Re: Bad Back [Re: klhansen] #1339770 Mon Dec 30 2019 11:02 PM
Joined: Jul 2018
Posts: 2
SNOYL Offline
Teeter hang up, works for me.

65 c-10 283
79 trans am 400 4 speed
Re: Bad Back [Re: SNOYL] #1339797 Tue Dec 31 2019 01:35 AM
Joined: May 2015
Posts: 1,769
klhansen Offline
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Originally Posted by SNOYL
Teeter hang up, works for me.

I tried one of those. Didn't do much for me. You'd have to turn the TV upside down to be able to stay in it for very long. wink

First car '29 Ford Special Coupe
#2 - '29 Ford pickup restored from the ground up.
Newest Project - 51 Chevy 3100 work truck. Photos
Busting rust since the mid-60's
Re: Bad Back [Re: moparguy] #1339814 Tue Dec 31 2019 02:41 AM
Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 8,851
52Carl Online
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Lay off the heat for the most part. You need to ice it. Most of back pain is from swelling of soft tissue compressing nerves. Heat can aggravate the injured area if not immediately followed with a cold pack session.
An exception for my back issue is that If I wake up in the morning with a tight back, I'll take as hot of a shower as I can stand and direct the needle type spray setting on the affected area.
This loosens everything up without heat soaking the tissue like a heat pad does.
During the day I use a bag of frozen peas on the small of the back in the recliner. Advil works wonders too. It is more of an anti-inflammatory than a pain killer.

Re: Bad Back [Re: moparguy] #1339819 Tue Dec 31 2019 02:56 AM
Joined: Aug 2001
Posts: 3,966
2-Ton Offline
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Carl is right, Ice it down.
I would use a big zip lock bag filled with about a 1/2" of water laying flat in the freezer.
Then relax in the recliner with it under my back. That helped a lot!
This was for muscle pain.

The Inversion table works good for spinal pain.
I may hit that tomorrow.

It sure is fun getting old!!!

Last edited by 2-Ton; Tue Dec 31 2019 02:57 AM.

Of all the things I've lost in my life, I miss my mind the most!

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Re: Bad Back [Re: moparguy] #1339833 Tue Dec 31 2019 10:24 AM
Joined: Feb 2001
Posts: 1,283
Tommy Online
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Kind of funny, when we were young we were taking Cold showers, now we take Hot showers to stop the pain. Yes Carl the frozen peas trick does help a lot.
You know when I wake up in the morning 3:30-4:00 a.m., I lay still and take stock of what hurts. I think I would be worried if nothing did.

59 apache 1/2t
261 short stepside
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