This is the shifter mechanism to change gears in a two speed rear axle. It includes the shifter switch that mounts on the transmission. The shifter mechanism bolts to the differential with three bolts. It has the following information cast or stamped on it: " EATON" "12 volt", motor has "65436 B" on it, there are six small screws holding the cover on,, the whole shifter mechanism bolts to the differential with 3 bolts. "Use SAE 10 OIl", "Oil level and filler hole" , "Patent Nos. 2,145,393" and "2,452,778" The shifter switch has 3 inline connections for wires, looks like a single pole double throw switch, and it moves freely and incudes the rubber boot. I would like $75 for the shifter and the shipping will be by USPS flat rate box ~$19.00 including insurance and tracking number. $94.00 total, if there is any difference I will make it up. The cover gasket and case to differential gasket will have to be made. This unit is from a 1967-72 GM medium duty truck. I will ship the unit to you, you can have a week to inspect/test it, if you like it, you can send me the money, NO risk to you!

I have no way to post or send pictures, sorry. The best way to contact me is by email at : My phone number is 907 354 4476, yes, that is in ALASKA, please allow for the time difference if you call.

I also have a complete 1967 GMC V5500 (same size as a Chevy C50) stripped frame with 2 speed rear axle complete and front axle (10 bolt HD) with suspension all in one unit, it will come with four 20 inch roller tires on it, they hold air but they are not roadworthy. Obviously too big to ship so you should be in state for this $250 for everything, Email or call to discuss details.

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