We are working to install the seat in a '49 3100. This is the seat frame design with the cable that keeps the left and right seat adjusters moving together. We are pleasantly surprised that it appears we have almost all the parts. The pulleys rotate freely and the complete cable clamp assemblies are on both adjusters. Plus the original cable is in good condition and very usable.

We are missing 2 key parts. I think I am reading the Master Parts List correctly but would appreciate some help.

I think the springs that help move the seat forward are part # 3685150 with a 7 11/16" free length.

The other part we are missing is the formed plate or bracket that adjusts the tension in the cable. It fits at the left end of the seat frame. I think that is part # 3676400.

Of course the real issue is finding these parts. That is the next step after we confirm the part numbers.

Thanks for the help.