I had a project in mind for this set-up, but I won't get to it as soon as I had hoped, and I ran out of a sheltered place to store it. It is way too nice to sit out and go down hill now, so offering it up for sale.

It is a really good frame that has been blasted and powder coated black.

It has a 3:42 ratio rear axle with open driveline from a 2001 4X4 Blazer and the original beam front axle converted to 6 lug disc brakes.

Has new brake hoses as well - not sure about condition of hard line looks good, but not sure of age.

Now the engine:

Has been overhauled but not run yet. Over $1500 in parts and machine shop work. Serial number on engine by distributor is 0074233 F54XA Block casting number is 3835911 and head casting number is 3835913.

Now, if you want just the rolling frame it is $1200 (blasting and powder coat probably that much) and engine separate is $1400 BUT if you want both of them together it is $2500.

I live in the middle of MO, west of Kansas City 130 miles on I-70 and east of St. Louis 125 miles.

I have photos but they aren't on a hosting site where I can add a link here - but if you PM me your email address I will send them to you that way.

Thanks for reading all the way through the ad and have a great day! Jay Self

Life is good on Windy Ridge!