Hello Fellow 'Bolters!

Yesterday we held our 2019 Gabfest at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford, WI. This would not have been possible without the efforts of Wally and Kerri Becker and Jim and Lori Poppie! The weather was great and so was the attendance!

We were happy to renew contacts and make a few new friends! We had several people traveling for over two hours to join us this year! We had a wide range of Stovebolts represented. I will be posting some photos in the near future (be patient with me, as it may take a week or two).

I would also like to thank Dawn (the Director of the Wisconsin Automotive Museum), for her assistance and support (she delayed a trip to visit her family in Minnesota until after the event) and Kim Mueller of Mickeys Fresh Frozen Custard for making burgers and cold treats available!

I hope everyone who attended had a good time, and made a few new friends!

Thanks to everyone who attended, and we would like to hear if anyone has any ideas!

Randy B.

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