Mongo, I have a few questions for you and some other folks may speak up with some more questions.

Will Little Richard BBQ be there again? Vicki and I really like what he serves up.
How about the Boy Scouts and their hotdog stand? It's great for a mid day snack.

What are the parking lot or lots, that the show will be held on? How about trailer parking?

Will there be an area for the Stovebolters to park together? We'll have the awning to set up again this year and have the meeting.
Can we setup late Friday afternoon and then we'll head to the Alderson?

What about restrooms and water? Go to the Argosy?
How is the Argosy food?

That's enough for now and Thanks for what you do to help the kids out!

Of all the things I've lost in my life, I miss my mind the most!

1967 GMC 9500 Fire Ladder Truck
"The Flag Pole"
In the Stovebolt Gallery []
'46 2-Ton grain truck
'50 2-ton flatbed
'54 Pontiac Straight Eight
1954 Plymouth Belvidere
'70 American LaFrance pumper fire truck.
1976 Triumph TR-6