Hello, I hope I am In the right forum for selling, here we go.
I have a untouched 228 engine that runs, but I am sure it is tired and needs a rebuild. Also have a 216 rebuilt, I bought from my Son's girlfriends Dad.
Decided I would install a SBC, so I purchased a MII/IFS, there for I have all the front Suspension for sale. With the I 6, it came with a 3 speed manual transmission, the 228 has a good shifting 4 speed wit the original enclosed drive shaft, all original drums have been turned 4 new wheel cylinders and shoes, front left hub is bad, have new shocks, front springs, to much to list! Most stuff original to the 48!
I really don't want to piece these part's out but will if need be.
So here is what I think I would need for a deal to be had by someone, $700.00 dollars.
If interested you can call me at 815-997-7600, or mikeolddog1@yahoo.com.
If you need something, without taking all, call or text maybe I will consider.
Thank you for taking the time to read.