Set of 12 pushrods...I think for a 216 but at this point am not positive. They look to be 10.5 inches long give or take. They're yours for the cost of shipping. Are they really Hoss Cartwright's? Nope. Hoss was a fictional character who would have had less use for pushrods than Alley Oop, but apparently I did get your attention. I've offered these before and nobody has taken me up on them.

But hey...maybe I'm not approaching this correctly, you think? Let's see what else you could do with these:
1. Metal chopsticks. They never wear out and they're just as clumsy as the wooden ones.
2. Pick-up stick game for real men. All you need is a ball.
3. Toothpicks for your mastodon. Your mastodon named "Harvey" like the rabbit.
4. Sew these together to make a Stovebolt version of the Comanche breastplate. Or sharpen one end and use them for durable crossbow bolts (arrows).
5. You could have a nice start on a birdcage for a buzzard.
6. I'll leave it to you to add your own ideas. But at any rate, don't worry. Hoss doesn't want these back.


1952 1/2 ton with 1959 235
T5 with 3.07 rear end