There have been several questions lately asking for various years and styles of bed sides. I decided to take the time to really look over the online catalog. I will admit that while well written it is broken down into several sections covering the same years and styles of beds. So, if you don’t find exactly what you want in one place keep on digging in the catalog. I bet you find it. If not, then give them a call, just don’t give up and move on. Products are American made by people who take pride in their work. These folks really want to help you get the product you need.
Thanks to former owners(59 fleet) I will be getting an up close and personal tour of the facility this Saturday. If anything I have reported has changed I will come back and let everyone know.

Note: Mar-K does not make or sell Fleetside beds. They do make/sell some parts for them.
Mar-K only sells flatside beds for ‘54-‘55 first.
Photos in the catalog may or may not represent true pictures of the products sold. Disclaimers are included in the applicable ads. They also have an amazing assortment of stainless and aluminum trim for both trucks and cars.
Please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call customer service. They really want to help

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