i am wanting to swap out the old 216 thriftmaster in a 54' chevy 1/2 ton
and i ran into quite a few questions
the anticipated motor is a 235 from a 55' chevy 210 sedan the motor only has about 65k milesand ran very well when it was pulled about 3 years ago and replaced with a 383 stroker, i feel that the $100 price is very reasonable as it includes everything that came out to make the motor swap
the irst question is the water pump I've been told that a shorter one is needed, is this an off the shelf item or do i have to order it from chevy duty, does this pump use the stock pulley and fan??
the truck still has an early 6 volt system and will be converted to 12 volt with the engine swap will the starters swap or is there a difference in the number of teath on the flywheel or flexplate
will the flywheel swap from the the 216 onto the 235??
are the motor mounts the same?
do i have to get a different lower radiator hose?? will the water pump have the same size inlet??
any help would be appreciated as i am a rookie to this old chevy stuff