Tim and I will be headed to the Homecoming and I thought I would offer up some things that need a new home.
Price includes delivery to the Homecoming. That will also be the same price for anyone that wants to pick up in mid Missouri.

Kennedy tool boxes.
Roll around, no key, $175
Riser box, no key, $75
Top box, no key. $100

I have 11 anvils (yes it is a sickness also).
About 3 bucks a pound depending on the condition and the weight.

Hope the pictures show and thanks!

Edit: Hot darn, the pictures worked! $300 for all three stacked boxes. $100 for the top box on the ground.

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Of all the things I've lost in my life, I miss my mind the most!

1967 GMC 9500 Fire Ladder Truck
"The Flag Pole"
In the Stovebolt Gallery
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'46 2-Ton grain truck
'48 3/4-ton grain truck
'50 2-ton flatbed
'54 Pontiac Straight Eight
'70 American LaFrance pumper fire truck.