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Positive thinking ...
We are still asking:
What did you
get done on
your Bolt today

The question, initially posted May 23, 2005, was:
"Whatcha do on your Bolt
this weekend?"

After 51,906,997 views, 7378 replies over 185 pages, this thread in General Truck Talk is a happening! And it's not just weekends anymore.

Now with pictures
and No BOTS.

So ...

What did you get done on your Bolt today????

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Re: Retirement
tom moore #1304640 Mon Mar 25 2019 11:38 PM
Joined: Feb 2004
Posts: 24,252
Kettle Custodian (pot stirrer)
30-something years in the public education system- - - - -I left just as soon as it was possible to do so! I miss working with the kids sometimes. Now for the bosses- - - - Yep, I'd better shut up right now!

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"
Kris Kristofferson

Cringe and wail in fear, Eloi- - - - -we Morlocks are on the hunt!

Re: Retirement
tom moore #1304648 Tue Mar 26 2019 12:41 AM
Joined: Nov 2018
Posts: 130

For me the decision was easy.

1. I no longer enjoyed the changing environment at my place of work.
2. I could financially afford to retire.
3. I would rather spend more time with my children and grand-children than go to work everyday.
4. I had plenty of things to occupy my retirement time, including my 51-3100.

I retired at 62, have been retired for 4 years now, and don't regret it one bit!!

But, the situation is different for everyone.

Hope this helps!


'51 3100 5-Window (Restomod in progress)
Re: Retirement
tom moore #1304656 Tue Mar 26 2019 01:41 AM
Joined: Aug 2012
Posts: 1,743
Shop Shark
I'm in my 2nd year of retirement and I can't think of a term that properly convey's how much I'm enjoying it. I tell the youngun's to put as much as they can into 401K's and other long term investments so they can retire earlier when they're younger so they can enjoy it more.

The last outfit I toiled for, for over 15 yrs, went through 4 ownership changes over the last 10 yrs I was with them and each subsequent new owner would slice and dice manpower while doubling and tripling up responsibilities. The last outfit decided to make us sit in countless PC themed propaganda training sessions that made me start to doubt the education and intelligence of our leadership and what the institutions of higher learning was producing...... It became intolerable... I'll stop there....

I still recall my final walk from the office building to my vehicle that last day. I had dropped my company provided vehicle off the day before. It was an indescribable feeling as I looked back as I drove off. The closest I can compare it too was when I drove my Super Glide HD with my seabag strapped to the sissy bar out the front gates of MCAS Cherry Point the final time. Again feelings so good I can't find the words to exclaim them LOL.

Do the numbers and do them again. IF they work, go for it.....

Good luck

Re: Retirement
tom moore #1304668 Tue Mar 26 2019 03:53 AM
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 3,836
When it's time, you'll just know.
The job I had when I retired was the best job I ever had and I loved it. But I decided I just didn't want to do it anymore and that it was time to be done. Sounds as though you might be about at that point also.
Like you, it would have been financially advantageous if I had stayed a couple more years, but I decided to pull the plug anyway, once I became eligible. No regrets.
Good luck in your decision!


'47 Loadmaster []

1947 Chev. Loadmaster

1959 Chev. Viking 40

Genie: "I am the genie from a magic lamp and I have the power to grant you three wishes."
Me: "I want to be rich."
Genie: "OK, Rich, what's your second wish?"

Re: Retirement
tom moore #1304681 Tue Mar 26 2019 10:47 AM
Joined: Sep 2018
Posts: 37
Wrench Fetcher
Well now I was a workaholic. 21 yrs. prof. firefighter and EMT, maintenance cord. at hospital and owner operator paint business. Have retired 3 X's. Was hard for me to retire; now enjoying restoration projects, especially the 59 Apache! Always helping the "school teacher" cleaning, cooking, grandbabies! Life has taken it's toll on me especially after motorcycle accident 2016 but, today I walk out the sliding door to the outside and smile while I look over the Ponderosa!


Pops the truth is out there!
Re: Retirement
tom moore #1304802 Wed Mar 27 2019 12:50 AM
Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 432
I worked as a grade 5 to 7 teacher for 35 years. Retired 6 years ago this upcoming June. I enjoyed the kids, playing in the gym with them, giving them problems to solve, reading to them, telling jokes, coaching, running noon hour programs, etc. They told me they had fun learning. But with the influence of video games, cell phones, etc., I noticed a change in attitudes and basic knowledge in the kids. It just felt like the right time. I was able to wean myself from the job as an on-call teacher, working a day and a half every week or week and a half. If I wanted to, I could have worked full time as a substitute teacher (and still could - no report cards or staff meetings, though) I miss some parts of the job but there are many parts I don't miss. For me and many of my colleagues, it was tiring. I was getting older but the kids were the same age every year!

It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it.
Re: Retirement
tom moore #1304813 Wed Mar 27 2019 02:10 AM
Joined: Jan 2018
Posts: 367
38 years working as a lineman for a utility in the U.P. of Michigan. Loved the job and most of the customers that I helped with power outages but calls all hours of the night, holidays, and yes even called in off of vacation, when I turned 60 that was enough. Miss the comeratery with the guys but not the B.S. 5 years in all ready and hoping to finish my first restore..37 truck. What ever decision you make will be the right one! Good luck!!

1937 GC
Re: Retirement
tom moore #1304999 Thu Mar 28 2019 10:09 AM
Joined: Nov 1995
Posts: 5,397
Unrepentant VW Lover
13 months, 12 days 3 hours and 41 minutes to go ...

But who's counting?

Cisgendered heteronormative aggressor perpetrating problematic toxic ideas of Chevrolet normativity smile

'49 Chevrolet 3804

Re: Retirement
tom moore #1305098 Fri Mar 29 2019 02:24 AM
Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 10,076
You won't be receiving an invitation for my retirement party. It will be the same day as my funeral. Y'all can still come though. I won't exactly be the life of the party, so to speak.

Re: Retirement
tom moore #1305101 Fri Mar 29 2019 02:42 AM
Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 179
Tom and all,
What an incredible coincidence this post is, as I am retiring TOMORROW, my last day after 35 years total as an engineer, the last 7 as a road warrior for big pharma. At 58, some would say I'm early, I say why not.
I've got the last 5% of my 51 build waiting in the shop for the spring warmup. Then I start the search for my next project, and some catchup on family and home deferred maintenance.
Tom, you helped me out with some parts a couple of years ago, and shared your obsession. I'd love to have you come down and see mine. Reach out, I'm about to have plenty of time.

1951 3100 5-window
51 Chevy Restoration Page
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