Rebuilding the second of my doors on my '47 half ton (AD). First door turned out great. This door has me scratching my head/ Once again I am in need of suggestions..a cure! haha

Disassembled the door and cleaned and painted the hinges and door. Repaired everyrthing else. I had the hinges drilled at a machine shop.

The problem is with the install and operation of the darn spring. I only have on spring in the top hinge. Must have been the early application. When I assemble the hinge WITHOUT the spring, the middle hinge swings until it actually hits the sides of the front fascia of the frame body. When I install the spring the problem arises.

First, the hinge doesn't seem to close far enough that will allow the door to latch. The hinge actually meets resistance from the spring!

Second, the spring doesn't have the "snap" in it so the door would be held open as designed. So it wouldnt hold the door open. I'm stumped as to what's going on. I wonder if the oblong hole a spring end rides in is worn etc?

Has anybody ever run across this before? Seems it has to be something with the spring, but I can't figure out either what I'm missing.

Like I said, the first one was perfect...….maybe I shoulda stopped there.
Any help would be appreciated!!