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#1262756 Mon Apr 16 2018 07:26 PM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 13
TodS Offline OP
New Guy
Good afternoon,
I just bought a 1946 Chevrolet 1 1/2 or 2 ton truck. It will be delivered to my property tomorrow (04/17/18).

Here is what I know or at least what I think I know.
This truck has 2 transmissions and 3 shifters. The secondary transmission has 2 linkages going to it.
There is an extra pedal about 2 1/2" in diameter to the right side of the gas pedal (I am guessing this is the starter?)

The cylinder head appears to be from a 50's model 235 casting number 383G6848

The wheel base (center of front axle to center of rear axle) is about 178" but I was on the short end when measuring.

Duel rear wheels.

The identification number appears to be the engine number DEA2016

This truck was said to have been on the road daily in the 90's and running when it was parked about 3 years ago

Anyone have any further thoughts based on what I have so far?

Attached Images
IMG_3894.JPG (45.61 KB, 195 downloads)
IMG_3896.JPG (48.76 KB, 199 downloads)
IMG_3897.JPG (44.67 KB, 203 downloads)
IMG_3887.JPG (43.82 KB, 201 downloads)
IMG_3888.JPG (25.3 KB, 193 downloads)

Don't fear the competition, BE the competition
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Big Bolt Forum Moderator
welcome to the site! It is hard to tell in your pics, is the dust cover (covering the wheel bearing and spindle nut) on the front wheels held on by 5 bolts? If so, it is a 2-ton.
yes, the small pedal to the right of the accelerator is a starter stomp pedal.

Nice looking truck!!


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Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 13
TodS Offline OP
New Guy
I do recall seeing 5 bolts on the front wheels. Delivery got delayed but once “Hoss” makes it here I can take better pics and get the passenger side hood open. Hopefully those things will help.

How does everyone feel about purity in these old beasts? I am considering going with a candy apple red with black fenders.

Don't fear the competition, BE the competition
Joined: Nov 1995
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Unrepentant VW Lover
Welcome TodS! Looks like a nice truck. And I saw in the other posting you were invited to Homecoming(starts on the 27th over here in So. MD).

The experts will be able to tell you more about your truck if we can see pictures of the whole engine, if you can provide the engine block casting number (forward of the distributor) and some pictures of the second transmission and linkages. If that is an overdrive or a secondary, there are some folks on here who can tell you a lot about it.

And as far as painting your truck red with black fenders ... I think most of us ... with intense therapy and work ... will, in time, get beyond our initial outrage, revulsion and violent urges and may even come to accept such a color combo... wink


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Bubba - Curmudgeon
Hello, TodS,

Welcome to

Nice truck - they painted them a variety of ways from the factory, supposedly at no-cost/minimal-cost.
(Black was the standard color for fenders, but, they could be body color, if requested.)

Engine Serial Number:
DEA = 235 engine in a 6xxx series truck (6702, 6100, 6400) from Flint, MI engine plant
2016 = 1016th engine out of the plant that year

Tim []
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- The 216 and early 235 engines are not "splash oilers" - this is a splash oiler. []
Joined: Jul 2004
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Welcome to the Bolt!
That IS a nice looking truck! I've always liked that style of truck.
I like the color that it is now, but it's your truck, not mine. Do whatever you want.

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1947 Chev. Loadmaster
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Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 13
TodS Offline OP
New Guy
Well, I am still waiting on “Hoss” to be delivered. He was supposed to arrive Tuesday but there is a delay. Now it looks like early next week. I have so many questions about this truck that I first need access to it so that I can ask the correct questions along with photographic back up. Time is not me friend here as almost every weekend in May is spoken for with Harley trips/events.

Would love to go to Homecoming but if that is my first weekend available to start on Hoss that will win out. I cannot wait to see if I can make her run.

Don't fear the competition, BE the competition
Joined: Nov 2017
Posts: 10
Nice looking truck

Joined: Feb 2018
Posts: 109
Welcome to the the site.
I also just got a 46 2-ton, lots of fun to drive 🎩

Last edited by Tophat; Tue Apr 24 2018 03:04 AM.


1950 4400
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Queen Creek AZ
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 13
TodS Offline OP
New Guy
OK, So "Hoss" FINALLY got delivered today. Here is the information I have after a quick lookover (not in order)

(1) Both doors will need lower patch panels
(2) All glass and at least the windshields molding will need replaced
(3) I need to invest in PB Blaster
(4) I need a cutoff wheel attachment for my die grinder (the passenger side hood is tack welded shut)
(5) There is a bit more rust than I thought but still not too bad
(6) The frame has been cut and welded about 1/2 way back from the cab to the differential (looks like good work though)
(7) The numbers on the secondary transmission (or whatever it is) are SCC C3C - 15 as best as I can tell
(8) The numbers on the primary transmission are GBT 7222
(9) The numbers on the differential are (these may be partial) 5.64.1 8 then below that 6.36 3R2K37 as best I can tell
(10) This appears to be a 2 speed differential
(11) There are 6 hub bolts
(12) The shifter closest to the driver's door has 1-N-2 with R to the left and down and on the right has 3-4 (this appears to go to the differential)
(13) The far right shifter has a small lever just below the knob
(14) The middle shifter seems to have 2 positions forward (toward the engine) and back (toward the seat)
(15) The wiper system needs a lot of attention
(16) New window regulators and door handles are in order
(17) The shifter that appears to be attached to the differential seems to be stuck (not sure if it is the linkage, cable or internal to the differential)

I have attached the 5 pics I am allowed any input would be greatly appreciated as to what I actually have here

Any thoughts on the value of this truck in this condition would be nice. It is supposed to run but lets assume it does not

Attached Images
IMG_5441.JPG (58.28 KB, 86 downloads)
IMG_5447.JPG (37.65 KB, 88 downloads)
IMG_5439.JPG (27.27 KB, 89 downloads)
IMG_5443.JPG (48.82 KB, 89 downloads)
IMG_5455.JPG (32.22 KB, 86 downloads)
Last edited by TodS; Tue May 01 2018 10:32 PM. Reason: Corrected punctuation

Don't fear the competition, BE the competition
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