New Forum Software UBB. Compresses Uploaded Images.

Well I was wondering what was going on after I uploaded an attachment / file.
The file I uploaded was 200.8 KB but after I uploaded it and looked at the attachment it said the file size is 94.74 KB.
After doing a little investigating it turns out that the Forum Software Compresses Uploaded Images.
You can read about it HERE
The software Compresses the file after you upload it, Meaning the 300 KB file size limit is still in effect.

The attachment size limit (what is allowed to be uploaded) is pre-attachment, as it is an indication of the size of files that the server will allow; then the compression is done after the file is uploaded (to save space on images that're hosted on your server).

Does not seem to effect the quality of the images. But it is a win win for saving server storage space.