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Positive thinking ...
We are still asking:
What did you
get done on
your Bolt today

The question, initially posted May 23, 2005, was:
"Whatcha do on your Bolt
this weekend?"

After 51,906,997 views, 7378 replies over 185 pages, this thread in General Truck Talk is a happening! And it's not just weekends anymore.

Now with pictures
and No BOTS.

So ...

What did you get done on your Bolt today????

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Re: How To Lift Burb Body?
Jay Zed #1249566 Fri Jan 05 2018 07:37 AM
Joined: Dec 2014
Posts: 831
I just did this today. I used "Slide-out Stabilizers" made to support slide-outs on RV's and travel trailers. They theoretically support 5000 lbs each and I welded a plate on the bottom for better stability. Once they're under the body it's effortless to crank them higher. They'll go up to about 48" but I only had to raise my body to about 31" to roll the chassis out. Best part: they cost only $39 for four.

1951 Chevy Panel Truck
Re: How To Lift Burb Body?
Jay Zed #1249568 Fri Jan 05 2018 10:35 AM
Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 335
Shop Shark
I used some camper jacks and a 4x4 in the front and a role around bumper jack in the rear.My 37 isn’t all that heavy. I also used screw eyes in the ceiling and rope for safety. Distribute the weight over four points and go slowly.actually it was pretty easy.

These old bolts are in my blood. Hard thing is focusing on just one.

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Re: How To Lift Burb Body?
Jay Zed #1249764 Sat Jan 06 2018 03:40 PM
Joined: Sep 2012
Posts: 418
** When I removed the body {from firewall to rear} from the frame to transport to body shop for full restoration of my 53 Suburban I ran a 3 inch strap through the door openings and the same at forward area of rear windows. Seemed to work fine. The body and all removed & restored parts are just about ready to bring back home to complete the full restoration. I discussed lifting the body the same way with the in charge body shop person. He said being that I had all the seams that were leaded in at the factory welded after lead was removed the body could be placed back on the frame the same way I removed it without worry. *** My question here is what are the thoughts of you Suburban guy's that have lots of dealings with the Suburban's???

Re: How To Lift Burb Body?
Jay Zed #1249771 Sat Jan 06 2018 04:31 PM
Joined: Oct 2005
Posts: 3,514
"Hey! I sound like Darth Vader!!
When I did this: , I used 6' wide straps right where you see them. The only thing that got distorted was the front door, outer window trim. And I believe that was because I was coming up on the crane and didn't realize that I was getting stuck on the steering column and some wiring I didn't see. The rear window outer trim didn't distort and looks fine. I don't think you will have any issues, but, as with lifting any load, if you could spread that load, you'd be better off. In other words, the wider the lifting strap you use, the less chance you would have at localized deformation.

Re: How To Lift Burb Body?
Jay Zed #1249785 Sat Jan 06 2018 07:06 PM
Joined: Dec 2005
Posts: 2,607
Make sure you remove the steering box and column before pulling the body , it will save you some headaches . Make sure all 10 body mount bolts are all undone and out.
I was lucky to be able use a friends lift on mine .
lifting body off
I built a heavy duty body cart for transporting the body to the media blaster.
body cart
body on cart
Make sure all wiring and body ground straps are loose and free from hang ups.
bare metal on cart
epoxy primed
epoxy primed underneath on lift
3m body shutz used
toe board and under body under coated
I left the frame on my trailer and mounted the body back to it.
putting body back on frame
The wood body blocks should be 1 5/8" Tall x 2" wide x 3 " long.
body mounting block dimensions
Jim carters blocks i received was the wrong size .

Good luck and have fun .


"A house is built with boards and beams,a home is built with love and dreams"

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Re: How To Lift Burb Body?
Jay Zed #1250303 Wed Jan 10 2018 04:26 AM
Joined: Aug 2016
Posts: 173
Jay Zed Offline OP
Shop Shark
Well I got the body off. I used a combination of suggestions in this thread. Jacked it up at the firewall with my floor jack until I got a 4x4 under the cowl, then jacked the rear up from the wood floor until I got a timber under the wheel wells. I found a used "high-lift" jack at a second-hand store that took it high enough to roll the chassis out. I was intimidated at first but it ended up easier than I expected. Thanks for all the advice!

Re: How To Lift Burb Body?
Jay Zed #1252187 Tue Jan 23 2018 06:31 PM
Joined: Oct 2012
Posts: 5
New Guy
Any posted weights of the Panel/Sub bodies? Specifically, I have a 56 Panel. I'm guessing in the 500-800 lb range?

Re: How To Lift Burb Body?
Jay Zed #1252196 Tue Jan 23 2018 07:41 PM
Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 31,520
Bubba - Curmudgeon
That information is not on-line for 55-57 trucks.

For 1954/55st trucks:

3103: 3020 lbs (cab and no bed)
3104: 3285 lbs (cab & bed)
3105: 3490 lbs (Panel)
3106: 3770 lbs (Suburban)

So, for earlier trucks, the Panel/Suburban body/doors (no seats) weighed about 500lbs?
For 1958, 500-600 lbs

Tim []
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Re: How To Lift Burb Body?
TrknGMC #1254766 Mon Feb 12 2018 11:46 PM
Joined: Jul 2006
Posts: 110
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Originally Posted by TrknGMC
I did mine by myself, in a regular size 2 car garage, with regular height ceilings.

I removed all 4 wheels, and let complete vehicle down onto wheel dollies, resting on the brake drums. You will need to use wood blocks to get your floor jack back out once you lower the chassis down.Then I loosened all chassis to body mount points. I then took a floor jack and jacked up the front section of the body dead center on the firewall, my engine and transmission were already removed. After jacking the front section of the body I went high enough to slide a 6x6 between the body and the chassis. Then I went to the rear, I jacked the rear body panel and went high enough to get the 6x6 between the body and chassis. Once this is completed your 6x6 are sticking out where you can lift with your floor jack and then once you have the desired height set your jack stand under it. This is where it gets sticky. You can't go to high on one corner to soon. I had to go small height amounts on each side working back and forth. Then do the same for rear. You have to get the body pretty high up off the chassis for the chassis crossmembers to clear. I used tall style "SUV" jack stands. I would also recommend you have the complete body bare, with no doors, trim, seats, glass ect. Mine was completely dismantled, not only does it save weight but gives you complete access to everything. I had to bring the chassis out of the middle, like tick tacking back and forth.

I did not access to a lift or a tractor with a bucket to get mine off. This worked. Thinking back on it now I would not hesitate to do this again but I would have had an extra set of hands to help shift and jockey the chassis out.

I did something very similar to this, it worked okay... Just wish I would have had a 2 post hoist!

My57Suburban []

This is the slickest swap I have seen for trucks []
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