Well , the How to Thank a Veteran question is a tough one for me. This year, for the very first time ever, I went to the Veteran's recognition assembly at the local High School. I wouldn't have done that had it not been for two of my older grand-kids begging me to go. They seemed to be very proud of their Granddad and escorted me into the gym with their heads held high. Me, I was a little embarrassed but enjoyed it just the same. My story is a simple one, I and three buddies enlisted in the Marine Corp in December 1970, on the delayed enlistment program, we thought it would be cool. For me, It was great duty, managed to spend the four years working on avionics for , F4J's, A4M's, A6's and in early 75' the AV8A Harrier Jump Jet. Closest I ever got to the Vietnam War was flying around over the South China sea as a passenger in a CH-47. Spent a year in Okinawa , a side trip to Subic Bay rest of the time at Cherry Point, N.C. Yeah, I hijacked the original question, but I guess just a simple "Thank you for your Service" is good enough. I have Veterans vanity plates. Missouri allows Marine Veterans to have a "Marine" license plate with Eagle, Globe and Anchor symbol so occasionally someone will notice and do the Thank You. I always ask if they are a Veteran too and if they say yes, I thank them as well. Ok, there's my nickels worth.

Sgt. R.E.Miller , U.S. Marine Corp, 6630 /6639, 5-25-1971 / 5-26-1975

Semper Fi

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