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Word is that Feds will be requiring a new and improved form of identification which you will need to get on an airplane or purchase ammo etc. like my state. So...we will soon have several options for drivers licenses here: one for undocumented people, another for joe citizen, a special one for people that want to fly etc etc (requires lots of proof to get) and for a fee you can have VETERAN on the last two. Bottom line, next year I will need a folder of ID proof to renew.

I believe you're talking about the "Real-ID" program the Feds have already implemented in most states. A few (such as Alaska) have an exemption that has been extended a few times, but will eventually be required. It's a special component of a Driver's License that has your life history imbedded in a chip on it (according to some conspiracy theorists) that can be read electronically. It's been a big point of contention with the State government here, as it would require replacement of all driver's licenses or ID cards and they don't want to cough up the $$ to do that. We already need a passport to travel thru Canada to get to the rest of the US, and TSA was going to require a RealID or passport to fly anywhere.
But you do live in California, where you need a license to breathe, it seems.

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