Good Morning Bolters,

I have created an Instagram site for us. I am a novice instagram user, however, an avid 20 year old instagram posting daughter promises to be a great resource for us. Instagram is a great way to see what others are doing, and what they have accomplished.

For those “instagram savvy” do a search and follow “stoveboltphotos” on instagram. That’s us. “Follow” stoveboltphotos.

If you would like your photo featured, send a photo and a caption to me at Once received I will upload your photo and description to our instagram site. If your a “texter” send me a PM with your information and I will give you a number to text to.

Lets hope this takes off. Tell your friends, tell your kids. This will get interesting.

Out of respect for, our first post will be of “Charlie” the flagship, the legend, and the Patriarch of all things Stovebolt……….

If you have an iPhone or iPad, get the “app” through the App Store via the link:

I assume the same App exists for google, phones, droids and the rest.

Create a profile for yourself. Follow “stoveboltphotos” and away we go.

Best, “Amtrakjoe”

PM me with questions.

In this world there are givers and takers. The takers eat well, the givers sleep well......

A link to a few photos:

1947 - 3800 dually known as "Deadwrench"