The Traveling Wall, i.e. the mobile Viet Nam Memorial Wall is in town and I spent this morning and part of the afternoon visiting it and some associated attractions with it. I met up with some very good friends who served in country and in other parts of the globe. Even tho this wall is smaller it still evokes powerful emotions from all who come to it.
I've been to the Viet Nam Memorial in Wash DC and this one is no less solemn.......
We also observed solemn ceremonies for our POW's and MIA's then got to hear Capt William "Bill" Robinson speak. He has the distinction of being the longest held enlisted POW.
He earned a battlefield commission to 2nd LT. So many things stood out that it would take pages to repeat. Bottom line is he is a very humble man that went through hell on earth for this country, OUR country.
Capt. William Robinson
If this wall comes anywhere near you, you will not regret visiting it.