I need to update the gallery that I have sold my 3100 and 3800. Money went to start my 3 and 5 year old boys college funds. I still have my 3600 and 4400, which get regular use.

I haul grain and feed with my 4400, and the 4 of us(Wife, me, and two boys) go for rides/run errands in the 3600(while we all fit)... These two will stick around for a long while.

You know you only truly love your old truck or tractor after the point at which you are ready to push it off a cliff, but you suck it up, get it running, and get it back into service...... The 3rd time

1949 Chevy 4400 Big Red
1949 Chevy 3600 Bob's Truck
1949 Chevy 3100 The Investment
1949 Chevy 3800 the Won Ton