I bought this truck in the little town of Etna, CA. (population 719) from Ken Ford at the "Fuzzy Dice Rod Shop" about 8 years ago. I drove it about 50 miles, and then stored it. I now have it in my friend's shop and want to put it on the road, not so much as a 'daily driver' as a weekend-around-town fun truck.
While I think it seems so very "near-original", I am too much a neophyte to really make that claim. I will mention that somewhere along the line, the bed was changed to a Willys bed. It has 90,000 miles, and it has cleaned up quite nicely.
I don't know what all I want to do with it yet, except I do know that the current gearing is such, that it doesn't seem to want to do much over 30 mph. I will be asking in these forums, for some advice for gearing it up, whether a gear set for the rear end, or was there maybe a four-speed transmission that might be an option. I haven't researched this yet. Also, I want to find an original bed for it, if possible. More will be revealed eh?

Louie Foster
San Jose, CA
Louie’s ’46 C150

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