New users are moderated to prevent spam. Their first four posts require the review and approval of a moderator. Until you have the four approved posts your site privileges are restricted. You won't be able to send or receive PMs among other restrictions. To help facilitate prospective buyers/sellers being able to contact you please put your contact information in your post. Once you are past four posts that won't be necessary.

Secondly, put your email address in your profile, especially if you don't check your listing every day for replies to your listing.

Thirdly, many don't put the required pricing on 'for sale' items as required by the forum rules. I spend a lot of time asking folks to list prices with mixed results. If your item(s) is/are a 'best offer' item it still needs a price set which you can then follow with "or best offer". IF A NOTICE IS POSTED IN THE THREAD AND/OR A PM SENT TO YOU THAT YOU NEED TO SET A PRICE THE CLOCK STARTS TICKING. If the correction isn't made in a timely manor the thread will be deleted.

Fourth, I don't review the body every ad every day. If you have an item for sale and it sells please edit your ad and put SOLD in the Subject Line, not the body of the ad. That way I will be able to see that the item has sold and remove the listing.

Lastly, keep in mind that every ad is available for public viewing by every site visitor. Not every visitor is honest and trustworthy. A healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing. Simply being registered to post on does NOT guarantee the honesty of a buyer or seller. Do your due diligence when buying and selling. only provides a common meeting place to buy and sell.

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