Mongo said there will be camping available at the Riverside Park this year (there was minimal camping last year). It will be over at the side where the vans are.

You can bring a camper, pop-up, sleeping bag, back / inside your truck ... whatever you like.

Mongo just asked if you'd let him know (and what you are bringing if it's a vehicle), so they'll have an idea for that space. (Like if you are bringing a motorcoach, that's a big "camper" eh!)

The other thing to note when camping: the Park closes at 5 pm and they'll lock the gates. So, you'll be in for the night. I sound like (from the van participation guys) you won't be lonely.

For new folks, there are pavilions there and some grills.

If you're gonna camp, go ahead and mention it here and we'll see that Mongo gets the list. Any questions, ask 'em here, too ... other may have the same question AFTER they get to the Park!!


Peggy M
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