So I'm near ready to paint my 59 fleetside, and I want to do a two tone job. I'm not sure of the colors yet (such a big decision!!). I'm thinking either dark green or black over an ivory lower section.
Anyway, this will be my first paint job EVER (wish me luck, and I just thought I'd see if anybody had any good techniques for masking and applying a two tone paint job. I was thinking just mask as straight as I can all around the line and upwards, then spraying the bottom (lighter color first, right?), then masking the bottom and doing the top.
Any tricks for making sure I don't mask a little sloppy and miss a sliver in between the colors?
Also, how long should I let the first color dry before I can put masking tape on it without mucking it up?
Any other advice would be great, too.

ps. you can the the before pics in the gallery, 1959 Section, Tyler Bolle's 1959 Apache Fleetside
and I'll be sure to post updates when I get it pretty, and when I put the 235 back in!!

1959 3200 Fleetside