Wonder Bus

This beauty right here is my 1964 Chevrolet bus I came across this bus about twenty years ago and I just recently bought it from a friend of mine.
My kids have come to name her Bessy, and we absolutely love her. I have tried to do as research as I can I have called blue bird (body maker) and tried to get what info I can on it but the only thing I could deduce is that the body came from the Georgia plant. and the chassis is a good ole c60. As far as Bessy as a whole she spent most of the nineties running tubers back to the tube house for a river floating company in Wyoming. Late 99/00
she found her way to an auction house and my Friend was the lucky recipient. The conversion to a medieval/camping R.V. began. There are beautiful iron works shelves made by a third-generation welder lining the back. there is a bench seat that spans four or five windows on the passenger side and two seats on the driver side both fold into beds and it makes a wonderful camping experience. I plan on fixing her as much as I can. and enjoying the nostalgia.