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Jamboree 2022
July 8 and 9
Lebanon TN

The Southern Bolters are planning their area get together in
conjunction with the
Southeast Truck Nationals at Cedars of Lebanon State Park (TN)

Check out the details, with new info on the Southern Bolters forum.

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Plenty of other events in the Side Lot

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General Truck Talk Jump to new posts
Re: Adding a tachometer BurningTracks Mon Jun 27 2022 04:00 AM
Autometer makes a nice 5,000 rpm gauge, I got mine from JEGS
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Big Bolts Jump to new posts
Re: 261 oil line routing BurningTracks Mon Jun 27 2022 03:45 AM
Nice rig robVee, looks like it'd be handy for firewood.
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The Electrical Bay Jump to new posts
Re: Continuity test? Hanks custodian Mon Jun 27 2022 03:25 AM
Went thru the same issue with the multimeter on spark plug wires last week, tone/continuity did not register, switched to resistance and got readings, tested a known good/used wire and used that as my reference, I always say you need to test the test eqpt (multimeter) before taking a reading so you know the settings are correct and what to look for…..
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IT Short Bus Jump to new posts
Re: Where do you put your pictures? MNSmith Mon Jun 27 2022 03:23 AM
Personal web site.
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Driveline Jump to new posts
Re: Rear Wheel bearing question Snowman51 Mon Jun 27 2022 03:15 AM
They were pretty destroyed getting them out. They were roller tapered bearings and they fell out to the cage when removed.
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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: Anyone here plumb their bypass filter with hard line? Hotrod Lincoln Mon Jun 27 2022 02:34 AM
Originally Posted by JW51
Any issue using a brass nipple instead?

Brass pipe is e$$$$$$pensive. I'm a cheapskate.
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Big Bolts Jump to new posts
Re: 1958 GMC 370 Hotrod Lincoln Mon Jun 27 2022 02:27 AM
a 3/4" UNF (Unified National Fine) thread is 16 threads per inch. You're about as likely to find a lefthand die in that size in a local parts store as finding a chicken with lips. The place I go for machine tooling and equipment and parts is Victor Machinery Company. ( []). They have a minumum dollar amount for an online order- - - -don't remember what it is, but it's fairly low. I'd suggest going online somewhere like Ebay and buying a thread pitch gauge. They're available in both inch and metric sizes, and every tool box should have a few items like that. Ditto for a dial or digital caliper, preferrably one that can measure in both metric and inch dimensions. Like it or not, metric is the common measuring system, and America was at least 50 years behind the rest of the world in switching to metric measurements. Everybody else did it after WW II.
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General Truck Talk Jump to new posts
Re: What did you get done on your bolt today???? Phak1 Mon Jun 27 2022 01:53 AM
Look great Jay, Congrats!
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The Old Dominion Stovebolt Society (MD, VA, WV & DC) Jump to new posts
Re: I need a favor, please 52Carl Mon Jun 27 2022 01:44 AM
Roger that. stop. standing down. stop. over and out. stop.
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The Great Lakes Bolters Jump to new posts
Re: Welcome Leo .. new Moderator 2-Ton Mon Jun 27 2022 01:39 AM
Thanks for stepping back up Leo!
Vicki said to say Hi! She also said you looked like one of the Mario Brothers when you were in that tree.

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Big Bolts Jump to new posts
Re: 216 engine reassembly Hotrod Lincoln Mon Jun 27 2022 01:28 AM
He hasn't been back on this thread in nearly a month. There's a definite sequence to assembling the bottom end of a 216, and doing it the way an engine without shimmed rod and main bearings is done will almost guarantee a massive failure shortly after startup. If we don't get any response soon, I'm going to assume the OP doesn't want our advice. He's picked one of the most difficult projects imaginable for his "first car engine".
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Truck Parts Wanted Jump to new posts
Re: 1941-46 steering wheel ChucknPat Mon Jun 27 2022 12:59 AM
i have a used 40 steering wheel for $75 to go on e bay soon. I can work it out if it works for you. 630-542-8032 Chuck
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General Truck Talk Jump to new posts
Re: Vintage Plate DJMTruck Mon Jun 27 2022 12:55 AM
In Ohio your vehicle can be registered as "historical" after 25 years & a distinctive historical plate is issued. You can display a YOM plate as long as you carry the historical plate & registration
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Paint and Body Shop Jump to new posts
Re: Chassis Painting bartamos Mon Jun 27 2022 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by Hotrod Lincoln
Why would anyone want to risk getting abrasive blasting media into places like the rear end, or the spindles and front wheel bearings, steering linkage, etc.???????? Good luck finding any sort of disc brake conversion for a 3600, front or rear.

Agree, you don't blast those places. Those guys use high pressure. You will NEVER get all the sand out. If you think you did, you didn't. If you have the body off the frame, I recommend cleaning the frame yourself and painting it yourself. Using elbow grease. The axles come off pretty easily. Leaf springs will not get damaged by sand. They live thru that all the time. They will crush the sand into dust and blow away.

Bushings, bearings, seals, gaskets, ujoints, tie rod ends, gears... will all get high pressure forced sand in them. Are you sure it is actually sand? You can't mask areas and still get the frame blasted clean. It's a catch 22.
This is my opinion from experience. Others have different views.

Yes Jerry, that is my shade tree. I'm a DIY guy with no real garage. Just some covered areas. There is no rain or snow or cold weather here. No humidity or wind or RUST! A garage is very hot and I can't afford to air condition one. Can't work any more in june, july, aug...too hard on the heart.
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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: The Rochester B and BC work...revisited 1Ton_tommy Sun Jun 26 2022 11:49 PM
Jon G: Thanks ever so much for this update and getting all this information in one place. I may not use it but doubtless someone will and it will be invaluable data.
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The Texas Bolters Jump to new posts
Re: 23 July Bill Hanlon Sun Jun 26 2022 11:47 PM
Tell me more about the dinner and cruise.
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Driveline Jump to new posts
Re: 54 3100 tranny installation Maxine Sun Jun 26 2022 11:26 PM
Just under that here, but probably twice the humidity.
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Interiors Jump to new posts
Re: ‘37 gauge font Otto Skorzeny Sun Jun 26 2022 10:04 PM
If you're taking the clock apart, take it to a print shop. They can scan it and make a decal for you any size and color you want.
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Driveline Jump to new posts
Re: Open driveline adapter FAST55 Sun Jun 26 2022 09:54 PM
went and looked today and the retainer is there. I will try to get it off in the next couple of days before I leave town on tuesday.
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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: mallory dual life distributor in a 235 Dragsix Sun Jun 26 2022 09:17 PM
At one time dual points were the rage, and truth be told, there was a benefit to using a dual point set up under certain circumstances. The issue, that time has long since past. Just as a threshold issue, for a street driven car, you really do want vacuum advance. Second, an HEI would be way way better then a dual point Mallory. Hotter spark, way more reliable, parts are available over the counter, well proven ignition with a vacuum advance. Otherwise, unless you are running high rpm, which is where the dual point could make a difference in terms of coil saturation and field, have your stock distributor rebuilt and stick with the stock points. Just a thought.
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The HiPo Shop Jump to new posts
Re: 1984 I-6 to V-6 conversion Justhorsenround Sun Jun 26 2022 08:42 PM
The 250 will require a total rebuild. Funds are not available for that and the 4.3 was free. Thank you for your concern about my “problem”.
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General Truck Talk Jump to new posts
Re: Stovebolt driving report Achipmunk Sun Jun 26 2022 08:05 PM
Charlie Hardin, better known as "Cletis" has been gone for quite some time but for many of us he will never be forgotten.
He and his wife, June, were regulars at Stovebolt gatherings...from the Texas Connection!!
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The HiPo Shop Jump to new posts
Re: IFS wave1957 Sun Jun 26 2022 06:51 PM
Maybe you could look into different kinds of IFS swaps, which may (or not!) fit your engine better: Corvette IFS (Flat out engineering, among others) or the "traditional" mid-'70s Camaro front clip.
26 2,992 Read More
The Southern Bolters Jump to new posts
Re: Jamboree T Shirts Peggy M Sun Jun 26 2022 05:45 PM
If not too late, needed another 2XL to send to Paul S. That would make two 2XL and 1XL for "our" order.

Sorry if I wasn't clear. frown
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General Truck Talk Jump to new posts
Re: Sterling bearing BurningTracks Sun Jun 26 2022 05:40 PM
Fixite yeah that makes sense that there's not a lot about them online then.
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