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General Truck Talk Jump to new posts
Door hold open springs 1950 1/2 ton Shof Thu Jun 08 2023 04:47 AM
On my 1950 1/2 ton there are no door hinge springs to keep the door open. I have done the search and I am confused whether the door needs to be removed and which spring is for the upper or lower on the top hinge. There were non present on my truck, only a broken piece of one in the hinge area. I have the kit, my doors fit good and shut good.How difficult is this for those who have done it? I have printed the tech artical on doing this.Truck has been sitting since 1992, but never has a screw been hard to screw out, lucky I guess. As one said in the search that not having them present is driving him crazy, me too. I am working on the interior and use a 4x4 block to hold the door open. Never fails that I try to shut the door without removing the wood block from the jamb.
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Big Bolts Jump to new posts
Re: 2 1/2 ton brakes 69Cuda Thu Jun 08 2023 04:42 AM
I bled my 2 ton with a home-made pressure bleeder, ended up doing it a 2nd time, before I got a good brake pedal. What bore is the master cylinder that came with the truck? On my 2 ton, the outside of the master looks like the same one that was on my 1//2 ton Suburban.
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Paint and Body Shop Jump to new posts
Re: OOPS - Don't do this klhansen Thu Jun 08 2023 03:59 AM
One problem with expelling the paint from the nozzle with the can upside down is it exhausts the propellant before all the paint is used up. Latest ones just say wipe the nozzle off after use. I've had OK success with that. I have also soaked the nozzles in paint thinner as well.
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The HiPo Shop Jump to new posts
Re: Intake air elbows. EdPruss Thu Jun 08 2023 03:38 AM
Rolled beads are not necessary on intake plumbing unless unusual alignment is required.

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Paint and Body Shop Jump to new posts
Re: sanding brake thru MNSmith Thu Jun 08 2023 03:20 AM
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Stovebolt Spotting Alert Network Jump to new posts
'65 Chevy C10 $12000 Stewart ** 2 Thu Jun 08 2023 02:51 AM
Saw a '65 C10 for sale in Redgate, MD. If any one is rich enough, comes with 2 engines (350 + 327 I believe), 2 transmissions (3 speed w/overdrive + automatic) and lots of rust on floor pan; top passenger side bed panel torn over the wheel. Was originally brought from Oregon. And you can have it ALL for just $12000. If anyone REALLY is interested in this one of a kind find, I'll get some pictures. It isn't in too bad a shape and it does run so......
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The Electrical Bay Jump to new posts
Re: Remote Battery Switch klhansen Thu Jun 08 2023 02:42 AM
Deleted some off-topic posts.
Please continue on topic.
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The International Zone Jump to new posts
Re: 1949 GMC 9300 with 235 cui - Landsleute Us Deutschland TPR57C Thu Jun 08 2023 02:21 AM
Glad you are keeping the dream alive I’m having a holiday in the USA meeting Stovebolt people that is good as well
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Project Journals Jump to new posts
Re: Grandpa’s 1970 C10 Rebuild. NJC Thu Jun 08 2023 01:58 AM
Sir, Got it! Makes sense relative to appraisal purposes & my projects will be passed down to my next of kin, so hadn't thought on that angle. Thanks fox. V/r, Nick
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Driveline Jump to new posts
Re: Can you overfill transmission? klhansen Thu Jun 08 2023 01:51 AM
Originally Posted by PastorMatt
I have seen some who also put oil into the ball housing/universal joint filler plug hole. Manual says this isn't necessary because that joint gets its lubrication from the transmission. Does it help to put a few ounces in the universal joint filler hole?
If you look at Page 4-10 of the service manual (the rear axle section), it says to put 1/2 pint of transmission lubricant thru the hole at the rear of the transmission. It says nothing about lubricating the u-joint in the transmission and u-joint sections.
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Interiors Jump to new posts
Re: Loud squeak/ chirp Otto Skorzeny Thu Jun 08 2023 01:04 AM
Unless they came from Steele, don't count on them. Chinese rubber garbage disintegrates if you look at it sideways. Seriously, rubber parts rotting on a vehicle that has never been on the road in less than a year after installation is a story I've heard more than once.
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Truck Parts Wanted Jump to new posts
Re: Napco front steering knuckle wanted Jsalchenberg Thu Jun 08 2023 12:45 AM
I could only find the one number on both steering knuckle. I found something that looked like a number on the drivers side steering knuckle that looked like a number but it was illegible. The truck I'm almost 100 percent sure is a 55 or 56, and my guess is the napco is same age as well. Both knuckles are different, i know that. I included a picture of both steering knuckle numbers, as well as the truck vin # and front grill.
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Welcome Centre Jump to new posts
Re: 1953 6400 dually - new from North Carolina Rusty Rod Thu Jun 08 2023 12:36 AM
Welcome to the 'bolt... did anyone mention that we love pictures?
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Midwest Bolters Association Jump to new posts
Mid Missouri Auction 2-Ton Thu Jun 08 2023 12:19 AM
This auction has a lot of very interesting cars and truck.
I'll be going to the preview, anyone want to join me?

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Truck Parts Wanted Jump to new posts
Re: Door lock assembly for early AD truck delux54panel Thu Jun 08 2023 12:04 AM
sending you a G-mail with pics.
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The Old Dominion Stovebolt Society (MD, VA, WV & DC) Jump to new posts
Re: Sad news - Gary Callis passed Peggy M Wed Jun 07 2023 11:57 PM
Billy, you have a good memory. grin

John's Saga - I never wanted to be a fireman is a fun story, that also covered some of Gary's wonderful qualities.

Right about then, at that particular junction along Life's path when you could most use one of Yoggi Berra's forks and all Life hands you is a dead end, "Slim" swaggered back in. "Slim" had taken the form of my ATHS friend and antique firetruck expert, Gary. I was fresh out of ideas, motivation, excitement or anything else that would move this scheme off top dead center and I needed a different perspective. So I called Gary.

"Let's go get it," Gary said matter of factly. Huh?

Go read the rest of it.
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Truck Parts Wanted Jump to new posts
Re: Spicer model 23 transfer case Gdads51 Wed Jun 07 2023 11:51 PM
Well that's some great news! yahoo

Going to leave this ad up until you come back and let us know it's not needed any more.

Maybe you post a pic or 2 when you get it???

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The Electrical Bay Jump to new posts
Re: Turn signals T-Doug Wed Jun 07 2023 11:40 PM
Update on turn signals.
This is what I ended up with calling out the steering harness first.

White to white
Purple to purple
Pink to yellow
Dk blue to Dk blue
Yellow to green
Lt blue to Lt blue
Black to black

Now the weird side.

Right side works fine.
Left side only rear works. No power to it. Hmm
When the signal arm is all the way up the right side work. Ok
Bad to neutral and left rear works
All the way down and all are off

Got me scratching my head. Any ideas
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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: 58 Car 235 into 51 3100 Gdads51 Wed Jun 07 2023 11:36 PM
The process you describe does work for this seal too.

The shop manual actually says to remove the seal "... by prying it out of the cover from the front with a large screwdriver.".

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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: Got a call from the machine shop Otto Skorzeny Wed Jun 07 2023 11:35 PM
That's great. Now you can stop worrying about the truck and go relax in the Cee-ment pond!
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Paint and Body Shop Jump to new posts
Re: Help sanding to bare metal 52Carl Wed Jun 07 2023 11:33 PM
If you do end up sealing the bare metal with epoxy primer, just make sure to do a thorough clean up of the metal first.
Failure to do that will ruin any kind of primer.
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Truck Parts Wanted Jump to new posts
Re: I need a bellhousing for my 62 C10 like this one. Jon G Wed Jun 07 2023 10:46 PM
Shipping in the best of days would eat your lunch and dinner indeed. About 5 years or so ago I tried to give one of those away free for the cost of shipping. No takers on any of the forums I participate in. Sorry but I let the metal scavengers have it.
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Truck Parts For Sale Jump to new posts
Re: 1954 steering wheel Gdads51 Wed Jun 07 2023 10:24 PM

Attached is a picture taken from "keithfielder"s ad on Detroit Craigslist.

Hope this helps you out.

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Truck Parts For Sale Jump to new posts
Re: 1954 Chevy 3100 PARTS for SALE Gdads51 Wed Jun 07 2023 10:17 PM
moeman 59,

Just a reminder that your ad is required to include asking prices for each item, unless you are selling them as a whole group which requires just one price.

Please update your post to include prices to keep the ad post up.

Also just a suggestion, you may want to add some pictures of what you are offering and indicate if you might be inclined to ship stuff or not.

Best Regards,

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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: ? About timing marks Otto Skorzeny Wed Jun 07 2023 09:27 PM
It should never backfire. You may have found the main problem but not all of them.

Keep searching for more vacuum leaks and check all the other stuff we mentioned.
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