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The Electrical Bay
Mon Sep 24 2018 10:32 AM

Have you measured the actual difference in point gap opening between all of the cam lobes? This is a cool project!

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Welcome Centre
Mon Sep 24 2018 10:14 AM

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The Tool Chest
Mon Sep 24 2018 07:23 AM
Looked good from downunder as well enjoying your new workshop
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The Great Lakes Bolters
Mon Sep 24 2018 05:59 AM
otsego, mn☺
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The Engine Shop
Mon Sep 24 2018 05:53 AM
Aside from aging, which the industry seems to have improved, the problems with using ethanol in old vehicles are two-fold. First is with the carburetor gaskets. If rebuilt with a modern kit, the gaskets are okay. Second is with exhaust valves, which get hotter with ethanol. A valve job with hardened exhaust valve seats takes care of that. I quit using Sta-bil a while back. As long as I burn a tank of fuel about 3 times a year it isn't needed.
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Tons 'o Fun
Mon Sep 24 2018 05:48 AM
Thanks for that reply. You are 100% right.☺
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The BC Bolters
Mon Sep 24 2018 05:47 AM
There were some new members today!
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The Engine Shop
Mon Sep 24 2018 05:32 AM
I drove some GMC trucks with the 478. Way to heavy for anything under a 2 ton. Most were in a 5 or 10 ton. If you put in something, don't run it WOT for any length of time. One truck we had was geared to a max speed of 62 mph, and used for highway travel. At about 100,000 miles I put a rod through the block on the 3rd engine. Truck was sold to a farmer. For info, go to Jolly's site For mileage, it wasn't bad. Don't think I ever emptied both tanks (100 gal.) in a day, many days were 500-600 miles. Not bad for hauling 15 tons of lumber.
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Mon Sep 24 2018 05:24 AM
Yes they are Bendix brakes. The brake peddle was fully released. Finally got to work on the truck today. I ordered new parking brake components cables, clevis's etc. I installed the new cables and the brakes went together correctly. The faced drums slipped on perfect. So I believe that the cables must have been seized in the outher tubes just enough to partially activate the parking brake.

Now I have a new problem at the other end of the cables. My original clevises are about 2 inches longer then the replacement ones and the replacement ones are a half inch to short to reach the levers they hook up to.
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Truck Parts For Sale
Mon Sep 24 2018 04:18 AM
Still available.......
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Truck Parts For Sale
Mon Sep 24 2018 04:17 AM
parts still available
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General Truck Talk
Mon Sep 24 2018 03:42 AM
Looks good! I see no problem with leaving it on there; but it's your truck.
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Tons 'o Fun
Mon Sep 24 2018 02:46 AM
We had a family photo shoot today and I wanted to share some photos of us with the truck. The snow was melting fast, the truck actually hooked up really well in the snow. It is strange seeing lush green leaves with snow everywhere! That granny low helped to avoid spinning in the snow. Everett did really well but started to get fussy half way through.
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Paint and Body Shop
Mon Sep 24 2018 02:41 AM
Update: I hate you guys. smile

I decided to keep going by cutting out the entire kickpanel and replacing it. Got the replacement and this weekend started trying to remove the old one. Only to discover the order (from inside to outside) the parts are installed are 1) kickpanel 2) inner top cowl, 3) kickpanel cowl, 4) outer top cowl. I almost have the kickpanel out, the last parts are where it's welded to the inner top cowl. Time to decide between taking it all off and replacing all six parts (kickpanel and cowl on each side plus inner and outer top cowl). Or to try to slide the new piece under the inner cowl without taking the inner cowl off.

I'll try to do the latter as best I can... But man I sure am looking forward to putting parts on rather than taking more off.

So thanks again, but I hate you all! smile
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Paint and Body Shop
Mon Sep 24 2018 02:40 AM
I had to build my own brackets for my rear bumper on my 1 ton AD. I used some flat bar, cut, welded and it turned out awesome.
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Truck Parts Wanted
Mon Sep 24 2018 02:18 AM
I have a whole set. There are variations in sizes. Measure the outside dia. of the gears & I will see if this is the same.

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Trucks for Sale
Mon Sep 24 2018 02:17 AM
I have a partially restored 1966 Suburban. All stock, base model, no chrome. The underside/mechanical part of it is done, needs body work mainly. The 292 engine has been completely rebuilt (yes, I promise), 4 speed, new u joints, 3:73 posi rear-end rebuilt with new seals, bearings, and posi spring pack, all new brake system, all new fuel system (tank was flushed and sealed by radiator shop), undercarriage all cleaned and painted, rear plywood sealed underneath, steering all rebuilt or new, radiator flushed and tested, new rear light wiring, heater box rebuilt. Body work inside and out needs finished. One picture shows left rear corner bunged up. The same picture show the only real rust on the body in lower part of quarter panel. Various dents and dings. Have all parts and some spares. Driver, jump and large rear seat including springs and hardware, need recovered. West coast Jr. mirrors, rear barn doors. Located near San Diego. Send pm please.
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Making a Stovebolt Bed
Mon Sep 24 2018 02:06 AM
Mar-K part number 110457 should be what you need. Go to, select your year truck, specify 1-ton, look for the cross sills section.

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The Engine Shop
Mon Sep 24 2018 02:00 AM
Pontiac of Canada used the 261 motor as their base motor. The valve cover was the same as a Chevy valve cover but without the script. Pontiac called these motors the Strato-six. I always liked that name.
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Panels 'N Burbs
Mon Sep 24 2018 01:56 AM
Home at last! After 5yrs.

**My radiator and core support where stolen along with my edelbrock carburetor from the storage area........**

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Truck Parts For Sale
Mon Sep 24 2018 01:30 AM
I need a running board apron bracket. It's the little bracket that bolts to the running board and the apron.
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Misc. Stovebolt Stuff
Mon Sep 24 2018 01:27 AM
I sent you a p.m. thanks
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Big Bolts
Mon Sep 24 2018 01:20 AM
My Canadian shop manual shows 1100 series to be either 1 or 1.5 ton. Do you have the exact model? Example: 1131 or better yet model and serial number, then I can get more specific for you. Congrats on joining the club!
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Paint and Body Shop
Mon Sep 24 2018 12:09 AM
Well, I finally managed to get everything put together! A lot of time, a lot of fussing, and a lot of bending, aligning, and fussing. I even managed to get the splash shield (?) installed, after removing the bumper and bumper backing piece.
So now I'm ready to get busy sanding and painting (and sanding ans sanding and painting and painting).

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The Electrical Bay
Sun Sep 23 2018 11:32 PM
Are you certain that your right side up, upside down distributor isn't leaking oil?
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