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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: Carter or Rochester? Jon G Sun Aug 25 2019 04:38 PM
One Carter YF3211s would be an excellent alternative to two Rochester Bs in your case. There are many reasons why the Carters are better...and those have been discussed to the point many of the folks here need oxygen. Jerry is right. You don't need 2 carburetors. Good luck!
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The Old Dominion Stovebolt Society (MD, VA, WV & DC) Jump to new posts
Re: Winchester is coming up fast ! panel fan Sun Aug 25 2019 04:32 PM

I am interested in hooking up with any bolters that might be heading south to Winchester.Va., I'm guessing from the Pennsylvania area.
I will be crossing at Buffalo but can cross at the Thousand Islands as well and come through N.Y.
Just need a time and place and anyone willing to travel with a Canadian truck.
P.S any Ontario trucks heading to the tri state ??
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Big Bolts Jump to new posts
1956 GMC 660 C10 - C90 Bill Sun Aug 25 2019 04:28 PM
I posted this over at another truck site, but wanted to post it here as well. This is a pretty cool truck:

There is an interesting truck on YouTube, a '56 GMC 660 with a 4-71 Detroit and a 10-Speed Road Ranger. Truck looks like an 18 or 20 Ft Flatbed with Budd Wheels, what looks like 10-20 Tires and has Air Brakes. I have to say it's one of the coolest trucks I've ever seen. The truck also has a Factory Tach, but interestingly no Speedometer. Especially interesting to me is the RR Trans. It is an R-960, one I've never heard of and has a Shift Pattern that I've also never seen:


It's a long video, over 1 hr, but pretty interesting if anyone would like to check it out:
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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: Spinning my wheels, looking for a second opinion sstock Sun Aug 25 2019 04:05 PM
To add, with the flywheel on the timing mark, or harmonic balancer on the set static (initial)timing mark, rotor positioned on number, and distributor turned to allow THE POINTS to be just barely OPEN. This is the sweet spot for starting your engine for the first time.
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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: Turning Engine over to set valves Hotrod Lincoln Sun Aug 25 2019 04:04 PM
Slip a short piece of heater hose over the end of the pry bar- - - - -problem solved!
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The Electrical Bay Jump to new posts
53 GMC Generator Wolfs53 Sun Aug 25 2019 03:59 PM
Hi Everyone

I have a 1953 GMC 9300 converted to 12 volts but still using the generator.
I have been having a problem with it not charging the battery. I have a new voltage regulator and I did the polarization as suggested and checked the voltage at the ARM and BAT terminals of the regulator. I get 12.3 volts at the BAT and .8 volts at the ARM. I also grounded the F terminal and still only get .8 V at the ARM. I guess by this it sounds like my generator has gone for a crap ? Unless anyone else has an idea ?

Does anyone know where to either get another one or get it rebuilt in Ontario Canada ?
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The HiPo Shop Jump to new posts
Re: 250 engine swap into a 1959 apache Hotrod Lincoln Sun Aug 25 2019 03:48 PM
Why take a giant leap backwards in performance from the 261? The 250 will fit the V8 front motor mount position for the 59 frame- - - -just use the OEM V8 bellhousing and starter for the conversion. You're going to miss the torque of the 261 since the 250 is designed for higher RPM operation and has a shorter stroke. Swapping to a 292 instead of a 250 would take about the same amount of effort, and that would make a lot more sense.
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General Truck Talk Jump to new posts
Re: What Hubcaps will fit my '49 3100 15" 6 bolt wheels? rfs56trk Sun Aug 25 2019 03:39 PM
Those wheels are likely from mid 60's trucks. The stock caps from that era vehicles would fit but would not be correct for your year.
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Rocky Mountain Bolters Jump to new posts
Re: Roll Call? Snowman51 Sun Aug 25 2019 03:21 PM
Thanks. Need help posting pics.
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Re: TimeTo Start Planning 2-Ton Sun Aug 25 2019 03:09 PM
Mongo has not responded to the "Just ask Mongo" thread.
I'm guessing the show will be in the big west parking lot and hope our area will be along the edge somewhere.
Better yet, in the two parking lots on both sides of the hotel!
Then we can set up HQ and the awnings in the grass. Hop Scotch in front of your truck Ron.
Hotel parking should be fine and the only driving I'll do, is Friday and then Saturday morning to get ice at the Red X.
Walk to and from the hotel, until we load up to leave Sunday.

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The Electrical Bay Jump to new posts
Re: Windshield wipers too stout Phak1 Sun Aug 25 2019 02:21 PM
Send him a email posted on his website. He’s pretty quick to respond.
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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: Rochester 'B' - no idle after rebuild Phak1 Sun Aug 25 2019 02:17 PM
I had a similar experience when I first started my truck this past March. It would start and run only by pumping the accelerator then stall maybe five seconds later. Convinced it was a starving fuel issue, I rebuilt the carburetor then disassembled/reassembled it three additional times with similar results. At that point I’m wasn’t sure where to go from there. I read a few posts on this forum and one post hit me to keep it simple. I had not done much with the distributor aside from checking the points and checking for spark so I figured I would start there. After replacing the points and the condenser the truck started and continued to run. After testing the removed condenser I confirmed it was bad. I screwed with that carburetor for over a week and the real cause was the condenser. I did however learn how to properly rebuild a Rochester type”B” carburetor. Just a thought!
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Welcome Centre Jump to new posts
Re: Hello From Pa 53 green 1- ton Sun Aug 25 2019 02:11 PM
First of all, welcome to this wonderful site! You can get any piece of information simply by typing a question.
Secondly, post you question in the big bolts section. You will get more looks there. Grigg, or anyone else will help you out!
Good luck on your endeavors!
Looks nice!
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Big Bolts Jump to new posts
Re: Dual master cylinder conversion Hotrod Lincoln Sun Aug 25 2019 02:11 PM
Here's a sneaky trick- - - -while you're bleeding the brakes, adjust the shoes out to a firm contact with the drums. That pushes the pistons all the way back in the cylinders and allows the fluid to completely fill the space between the seal cups more quickly. Once you're getting a solid stream of fluid from all the bleeders, then go back and adjust the brakes for normal running clearance. Worst-case scenario, you might have to rent or buy a pressure bleeder.
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Welcome Centre Jump to new posts
Re: lNewb From NC with 48 1 1/2 ton dump Justhorsenround Sun Aug 25 2019 01:50 PM
Welcome to the Stovebolt madness. There is no cure! Lots of members in your neck of the woods. shake
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The Engine Shop Jump to new posts
Re: Engine ID - 48 GMC big bolt EdPruss Sun Aug 25 2019 01:38 PM
If you ever have the pan off, you could measure bore and stroke to get displacement.

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The Electrical Bay Jump to new posts
Re: Very disappointed in my Wallymart Battery tclederman Sun Aug 25 2019 01:02 PM
I have an Optima 6v battery (from Walmart) that is over 10 years old.
They are more expensive than other batteries.
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Freebies Jump to new posts
Re: FREE: '51 3100 closed rear axle with torque tube tom moore Sun Aug 25 2019 12:49 PM
Paul still available?
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Stovebolt Spotting Alert Network Jump to new posts
Re: Cool Online Auction! 2-Ton Sun Aug 25 2019 12:46 PM
I went back yesterday to pick up a few goodies for the Reunion door prizes and the 63 was still there.
Looked it over closer and at $925, it was a great buy.
The F-100 was in good shape also and it had a big block in it. Looked like a 390.

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Truck Parts Wanted Jump to new posts
Re: Propeller Shaft 51 3804 Sun Aug 25 2019 12:22 PM
What are you referring to? Is that part of the drive shaft? Gerry
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Driveline Jump to new posts
Re: 1/2T vs 3/4T Suspension Grigg Sun Aug 25 2019 12:18 PM
Before trying to make a 3/4 ton out of a 1/2 ton also consider frame and other suspension components, are they the same? If different then adding stiffer springs might lead to early failure of other parts?
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Truck Parts Wanted Jump to new posts
Re: 1950 3800 Frame rear extension whateverpratt Sun Aug 25 2019 12:13 PM
I can get you some pictures showing how far inside they go, but mine were cut off at some point beyond the frame, so I don't know the total length they should be.
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Paint and Body Shop Jump to new posts
Re: issue with mig welding sheet metal bartamos Sun Aug 25 2019 10:13 AM
Interesting butt weld idea.
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Paint and Body Shop Jump to new posts
46 Chevy Truck hood Piper1106 Sun Aug 25 2019 09:51 AM
I have a 46 Chevy truck, it came in pieces. This is my first build and with not seeing how it were dissembled, makes it a little challenging to put back together.The problem I’m having now is I have a 1inch gap between hood and grille. It looked good until I installed the curved hood brace and this is where I’m having the problem. I tried moving fender, raising the cab but nothing seems to work. It seems pretty straightforward how the pieces go back together but something isn’t right. Can someone please help, I’ve been working on this for about 2 weeks. Thanks
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Paint and Body Shop Jump to new posts
Re: weight of hood 52Carl Sun Aug 25 2019 05:05 AM
A refrigerator is too heavy for one person to carry. The empty box is not heavy at all, but too awkward to handle easily by yourself.
Same for an AD hood. I have done it by myself, but I am stupid.
Two people, grasping it from the sides makes it a breeze.
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