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We get this question on a regular basis, so John offered to snap a few photos and scratch of few words to help folks see how smoothly this task can be. If anyone has a video of this operation, it would be great to add to this tip.

Installing window bead on your old truck
By John Smith
Bolter # 26358
1953 Chevy 1/2-ton 5 Window
1965 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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January 2013

The right tool for the job


The best way I’ve found to install window bead is with one of these bead tools.  They are cheap (under $10) and they work really well. Most after-market parts suppliers carry them.


All you do is spray the channel with a little soapy water. Then push the front edge of the tool into the slot where the bead is to be applied.

The bead in this image is chromed plastic.

  Make sure the little tab on the tool is facing inwards towards the slot for the bead. 
  Place the bead through the opening on the tool. Slowly push the tool forward and the tool opens the slot and the tab pushes the bead in all in one operation.  It’s almost effortless.
  If you stop or the tool pops out on you, just push the point of the tool into the slot at the spot where the bead is already seated and start again.

To make it easier, I tape the bead to the cab in front of where I’m working so the bead lays over the opening it is going into -- it makes it goes easier and quicker on the straight areas.


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