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Auto tranny upgrade

By John Smith

    Quick and easy tranny upgrade?
Think again ...

    For various reasons, you may decide to upgrade your truck to an automatic transmission. Turbo 350 automatic trannies are relatively cheap and plentiful, but is it the right tranny for your truck? And what other parts will you need? Here's John Smith to give us the right dope:

    "Unless you have a free transmission, step up to a 4-speed type auto. The TH350 has a high first gear for a 6!

    You will need to build or buy transmission crossmember (Most of the parts vendors on the Links Page carry these), buy a shifter (be sure you hook up a neutral safety switch!), and change the starter to 250-292 style.

    Note that floor pan clearance is a problem on some swaps, so check your clearances and modify as required.

    Don't over look your rear axle -- this auto tranny won't hook to a closed driveline ... you'll have to upgrade your rear axle, too.

    Lastly, don't forget to hookup the kickdown and install a transmission cooler also.

    In other words -- Swapping in an automatic transmission is a lot of work.Still wanna do it?

    Try Stovebolt Engine Co.(503-668-3945) for the adaptor, or Buffalo Products(try Inliners Int). Be sure to check the Forums on this site for personal experiences in doing this particular upgrade.

    Best thing to keep in mind is six bangers really burn the tires better with a clutch!"

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