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Low-buck rust removal

By Barry Weeks, et al
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      Barry's had a hard winter plowing snow ... think maybe he should convert his molasses bath to a hot tub?


       Has anyone ever soaked rusty parts in molasses? It works real well. Will not remove paint, but removes rust.

       Mix about 5 parts water to 1 part molasses and submerge your part for about two weeks. You can use a bucket, a kids size swimming pool, or anything else big enough to hold your parts.

       A friend of mine built a tank in the basement of his barn thats about 4' x 8' x 3' deep. Every so often, a few of us pool some money and run up to the feed store to get enough molasses to fill it. Then we can dip fenders, doors etc. Works good, but not fast.

       If you want to experiment with this, try a small sample in a coffee can or something. Get a bottle of molasses at the grocery store, mix with water in an ice cream bucket. Find a small, real rusty piece of sheetmetal to experiment with.


       It'd be best to suspend it in the can from a wire so all parts get evenly soaked. Resist pulling it out everyday to look at it. Pull it out in a couple weeks and hose it off.

       You might want to keep the bucket outside, though, as it will smell.

       Barry's scientific guess on "why this works" - I think molasses has a ton of sugar in it, so maybe this is similar to putting your part in Coca-Cola or something similar.

Barry Weeks

Here's a few well-thought out questions from the gang:

Remember: always think safety ... and with this article, if you don't think "safety,"
you may not be able to do any more "thinking" at all ... Editor!

(I especially like the crews' "uniforms," Barry ... Margaret )

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