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          For those folks out there who wanting every detail of their old truck to be correct, this guide for identifying the truck radio may be helpful. Although we currently only have the descriptions, we are collecting images to go with each one. So, if you've got an image that will fit one of the categories, please send it along to Fred Nixon.

          The correct radio from 1947 on up is a fairly well defined. Before that things get a little murky. Trucks were sort of the last place for people to worry about radios because TRUCKS were all about doing WORK. It is interesting to read the old car ads as they try and woo people with all the convenience features and things to add to your enjoyment. Truck ads, on the other hand, were more focused on what you could do with them. Ohhh rah!!

Finding the correct radio for your old truck
Snagged from cyberspace by Harold46. Fred "Truckernix" Nixon, one of our Radio Bench forum moderators, obtained permission for us to use it here. Fred has a 1951 Canadian GMC Model 9430 1-Ton.  

August 2011

Discussion of this topic
in the Radio Bench forum

Major contributor -

We received permission to use this technical information which Fred found in the Chat Room of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA). VCCA's sole purpose is to promote the sharing of information about the restoration and operation of vintage Chevrolets (cars and trucks). The author of this information is Ray "Chevradioman" Holland. He is the VCCA's technical expert on old Chevy radios and a member of the Columbia River Region VCCA.

"Hopefully, the information will aid folks in obtaining the correct radio for their "ride." It is intended to depict the correct radio for the truck line and is not intended to cover the car radio line."

Stovebolters are in the process of collecting images to go along with these descriptions. If you've got one that fits (or several), email them to Fred and he'll take it from there! Dave "1958GMCnut" Betker also found this link on Google -- It is for "identifying instrument panels, clusters, gauges, clocks, radios, horn buttons, and horn rings for American cars and light trucks made between 1930 and 1970." Well laid out and some addition details! Good on Google! ~ Editor

<< click the image for a larger view >>

1937-1939   Steering column control radio Model 985286
1940   Single unit wedge shaped universal radio Model 985538 mounted under the edge of the dash
1941   Single unit wedge shaped universal radio Model 985696 mounted under the edge of the dash
1942-1946 Single unit wedge shaped universal radio Model 985792 mounted under the edge of the dash. (This radio was unlike the prior two radios as it has a plastic bezel and roll type controls.) Here is some additional printed information with details.
1947-1950 First year that a truck radio was mounted through the dash in a hole specifically provided for a radio. Model 986067 and was a 5 push button radio. Here is some additional printed information from Truckernix.
1951-1953 Re-designed radio and easily identified with the square back. Model 986443 and appeared from the front as the same as the above radio. (Both radios are interchangeable.) Here is some additional information for a 1953 GMC Diesel truck. Here is additional information on a 1953 Chevy AD
1954 Was a one year only radio. Mounted in the lower dash. No push buttons. Model 986771 Was a 6-volt radio and was used until the truck was converted to 12-volts. Here is some additional information from a 1954 GMC Truck.
1955-1959   First 12-volt radio and first two piece unit. The tuning unit was mounted through the prepared hole in the lower dash and a speaker was mounted above and centered on the windshield



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