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'52 GMC 1/2-Ton

By Bill Peck

    The Restoration Series is comprised of trucks undergoing restorations, rebuilds or efforts inbetween. Please note: these trucks may not be 100 percent accurate -- please contact the truck owners to verify items of interest.


In the Beginning...

    This truck started out to be just my daily driver. I bought it in its yellow flamed glory, cracked 400 block, leaky trans, no rear shocks and the original braking system a disaster waiting to maim or kill.

    It does'nt look too bad, does it??

The Cab

    The photo directly above shows the swiss cheese after media blasting. I disassembled the truck down to the last nut and bolt. On the upper right is the cab, waiting for the firewall and trans cover. The photo to the right shows the front cowl replacement. I had to do both cab corners, as well.


The Front End

    The photo on the upper left was taken after I boxed the frame and installed an AMC Pacer front end. It has the Saginaw, power racks and Ford Thunderbird disc brakes -- sturdy and 1/3 the price of a Mustang II.



    At this point, the truck is now in the garage, body at the paint shop, engine in place. The engine is a destroked 327, now 302c.i.


Meanwhile, Out Back...

    This shows my fuel cell in the rear of the truck. The gas filler and fresh air vent in the cab are gone. The gas tank will be accessed through a '67 Corvette gas filler cap in the bed.

    As soon as the weather gets nice, I'll send you pics on the almost finished truck. It's all painted, and will have air, shaved door handles, power windows, rolled rear pan and all them thar goodies!

See ya later,




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