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'39 GMC 1/2-Ton

By Bill Clemens
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    The Restoration Series is comprised of trucks undergoing restorations, rebuilds or efforts inbetween. Please note: these trucks may not be 100 percent accurate -- please contact the truck owners to verify items of interest.

Bringing her home

     This is my 1939 GMC 1/2-ton. I purchased this 1939 GMC and a 1951 Chevy 1/2-ton for $600 after spotting them in a storage yard.

     I asked the owner of the yard if he would like to sell the '39 and he said I could have it for $600 if I took the '51 with it.

     Since then, with the help of my Uncle, we have taken it down to the frame and welded in a Mustang 2 front end, installed a 10-bolt rear end with 323 gears, installed "under the cab" power brakes and sand blasted the cab and frame. I will install a small block Chevy. I will keep you updated on the progress. and a rear axle from a Pontiac Tempest.



Ground Zero



The Cab


Front End - Ford Pinto frame

01 September 2001 Update

From Bill Clemens

      Hi -- Thanx for you site. I have sold a few parts at the swap meet section.

       One of the cab roughed in (above) and the frame with the new Ford pinto front end.


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