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Task Force Odometer Refurbishing

by Bill "Red58" LePage
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      Pulling out your gauges in your Task Force Stovebolt (1955-1959 series)? Might want to clean things up a bit. Bill "Red58" LePage, a long-timer around The Stovebolt Page AND the driver of our Forum's IT Shortbus, has some good tips with great images to give you an idea of what's going on in there.

[Click on the pictures to enlarge. There are more details and instructions on larger image.]

Refurbishing that Odometer

gauge assemblyRemove the gauge cluster assembly to the bench and detach the speedo unit as shown on the image (four tiny screws)


      Pull the unit out carefully to avoid scratching any paint or damaging the needle, which is very light material. It's usually best to have a replacement needle on hand if you plan on taking the old one off, as they're very easily damaged.

speedo unitremove facebreak needlehi-beam jewel


      With the face off, the speedo head can be removed with the 2 screws on the back


test runTest speedo and odo function with a drill [reverse for the TF units]


On to the odometer

      Remove small screws with care, and note the placement of everything:

remove top bar remove gear remove clip clip off
Remove top bar Remove gear Remove Clip Clip Off
slide wheels out watch metal tabs stay aligned plastic tab on wheel
Slide wheels out Watch metal tabs stay aligned Plastic tab on wheel

      With the wheel assembly out, it can be cleaned carefully [remember, it scratches easily], or new number strips can be applied.

      Wheels do not come off the shaft. They need to be kept aligned so the metal tabs don't move far --- which can break the plastic 'teeth' on the sides of the wheels that drive them properly. Also, clean all the gears well.

dirty drive gear clean drive gear plastic drive shaft
Dirty drive gear Clean drive gear Plastic drive shaft Main gear

      After having a number of these units apart, I've come to the conclusion that there was no lubricant originally applied anywhere inside the speedo head. If you use anything, it will collect dirt and gum things up.

      And the speedo part - the magnet spins, pulling the bell against the tension of the coiled spring, the "calibrated" part. Best not to mess with it!!

speedo bell off speedo bell apart
Speedo bell off Speedo bell apart

Bill LePage
1958 Chevy Longbed
Bolter # 1992

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v. June 2006

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