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LED Lights

by Jim "Caroline's Truck" Wilson

         You've made the switch to LED lights for safety and to join the 21st Century -- Congrats!!! Now you realize you're still on the one light per function program. Or, you want to upgrade to yurn signals, only your cuircuit and/or light set up won't allow single unit/dual use functioning. Well no problem! Jim Wilson's figured out how to make your own circuitry to update yourself -- it's not that hard, either!

LED Lights -- Both Brakes AND Turn Signals!!!!

      Convert a single LED light to function as two different lights. So if you do have some sort of newer LED tail lights, this might be of consideration for safety. This is made for a 12 volt system.

      I will be adding two clearance lights, similar to that shown in the photo.

      Make a TURN light function as such, BUT also have that same light function as a BRAKE light. 

      The way this works is your LED light functions at a slightly lower voltage (about 90% brightness) when the turn light is in operation. This is an intermittent signal anyway. When you engage the brake, that signal voltage is then 100% making the brake just a little brighter. This is why you can only use this on an LED type light. Incandescent (stock) light bulbs can not do this. Newer LED parking, marker or clearance lights work well in this way. It’s simple to add a couple to the rear of your truck. You can do this combo in any configuration you’d like.

      Using (two) diodes which function as a [one way] signal, allowing voltage flow from the power source to the appliance light and a resistor to reduce the voltage giving the lesser signal to the turn or (other / your choice) light function.

      Materials Needed :: for each light. Total cost about 99 cents and a little work soldering.

2 each - Diode        # 1N4001  (0-50volt)
1 each - Resistor     # Black /Brown 100 ohm 2%  1W110  ~  1W

Solder joint


Jim Wilson
"Caroline's Truck"
1951 Chevy Delux 3100
Bolter # 4758
Grass Valley, California

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v. January 07

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