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WW II Stovebolts in History

by Bill Slone
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April 22, 2001

From Bill (reporting from the Blue Grass):

     Thought the 'Bolters might enjoy these pictures. I found these in a bunch of photos in one of my father's albums.

     My father worked in Costa Rica during WW II, constructing the Pan American highway. My mother and my sisters also lived there for a time (in fact, my closest sister was born there in 1945). Apparently, this project was considered a U.S. defense priority. The work was in the San Jose vicinity, because I think that is where my family stayed. I wasn't born until 1953, so I don't have any firsthand knowledge:).

     In the picture of the Art Deco dump truck, my father is the man with the cigarette in his right hand, standing in the front center of the bed.

     I don't have any more information on the bus photo, but wouldn't you love to tool around in one of these?

     Even though I don't currently own a Stovebolt truck (does a '97 GMC Sonoma daily driver count?), I still have a soft spot in my heart for these old workhorses. My dad used to have an early fifties GMC pickup with a Hydramatic (made him swear off automatic transmissions in trucks for the rest of his life!), then a '59 El Camino, a '64 C-10, and his last vehicle before his death, a new '72 longbed C-10. Also, my mother's father founded two Chevy dealerships in the twenties, so I grew up in a GM family.

     Anyway, I really enjoy the site and I fully realize what it means to maintain such an operation in your so-called spare time.

Best regards,
Bill Slone
Lexington, KY

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