Double flaring made easy!
by Charlie "Cletis" Hardin
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      Bending brake lines and making a new system for your truck can be fun and satisfying... Until you put pressure to it and it leaks because you couldn't get the ends flared correctly! End the despair! Here's Cletis to show you how to ...

Flare with a flair!

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tube placement

       This shows the tube in the flare tool clamp.

       The tube has been cut square, de-burred and chamfered inside and out.

       Be sure you have put the tube nut on the tube before you put the tube in the tool.

       The flaring die is inverted to use as a guide for how much tube sticks out of the clamp.

die in place


       This shows the die inserted in the tube and the chilibob attached to the tool, ready to start the flare.

       Be sure to lubricate the die.

       The screw is tightened until the die bottoms out.


       This shows the end of the tube after step one of the process.

       The die has expanded the end of the tube into a bulb shape.


       The anvil is now inserted in the tube and screwed down to collapse the bell shape making the flare.

       Don't screw it too tight.


       We have a flared tube.

       I squirt some carb cleaner in them and blow it out with compressed air before using.


Charlie Hardin
1953 Chevy 6100
Bolter # 1113
Parker County, Texas

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