So you bought a kit to make your tail light set up look clean and neat. You ended up installing it in the trash. Or you bought another kit for a piece in there to fix the original kit. Or you saw something that caught your eye on some of those rodded Bolts. How did they do that? Ah ha! All you need is some pictures and a little explanation! Harold to the rescue!


Stainless Conduit for Tail Light Bracket
By ~

Harold "Harold46" Hodnett 
Bolter #18478

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Get started with some parts

There have been questions about installing stainless steel tail lamp conduit for the tail lights on these old trucks. The following steps are in conjunction with parts ordered from Jim Carter ( don't forget, he gives Bolters a 10% discount ~ Editor ), specifically:

  • Chrome Tail Lights - part # LG154
  • Tail Light Bracket - parts # LG143 and # Lg144
  • Stainless Steel Conduit - part # LGL100

These instructions should be applicable to other supplier’s parts since most suppliers sell the same parts.


Before we start

  1. Remove small end cap (held on with silicon glue) so conduit will fit through mounting bracket hole.  You will reinstall the small end cap after the modification. Discard loose large cover piece. It's not needed in this procedure.
  2. Splice additional wire to the lights as needed so that you will have enough wire to go through conduit.


Let's go!

This is how the parts fit as provided by the suppliers.  Notice gap in photo (click on the image for a larger view and you can really see the gap) on right (approximately 1/8”)



Obtain a 3/4” countersink bit for metal.   Countersink the tail light bracket hole so the beveled edge of the conduit tip will lay flat against the bracket as shown in photo on the right.  Touch up beveled edge with black paint.


After the modification, the tail light and conduit fit flush against the bracket as it should.

Here is a front view and a rear view of the modified bracket and how it fits!


Happy motoring, 
Harold "Harold46" Hodnett 


Good judgment comes from experience.

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