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AD Door Alignment
By Brian Stephens

    Door Alignment on Advance Design Trucks
1947- 1951

    Doors may need aligning to improve appearance, to correct improper lock operation, or to stop water and dust leaks. In each case, the procedure is the same and is as follows:


     To adjust the door vertically, loosen the four capscrews at the pillar end of each hinge. Shift the door up or down so the belt moldings on door and body line up. Tighten the capscrews securely.


    To adjust the door horizontally, first remove the trim and lower access plate to expose the attaching screws of the hinges.


     Loosen the hinge capscrews and slide the door horizontally to obtain a minimum of 1/8th of an inch between the door and cowl when the door is fully closed.


     The relationship of the door panel to cowl panel should be flush to the door panel being 1/16th of an inch out to prevent rubbing weather strip off the door. Adjustment can be made by enlarging body hinge bolts holes or bending hinges.


    (From "Servicing Chevrolet Truck Cabs" -- thanks to Joe Mendola for supplying us with the images!)

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