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An upholstery clean-up tip

by Irwin Arnstein

      This may not be real "techie" but it certainly is a good tip. Especially when you're stuck with a mess. ~~ Editor

Scrubbing Bubbles!

      I had been wondering what seats to put in my '72. The seat prices in Dallas, even for junque yard seats, were going quite high. I found a good boneyard off Hawn Freeway in the stinky part of town that had a rolled '96 Excursion with really nice seats in it. But some bonehead put a disc rotor on the driver's side seat and it had a big ugly rust stain on it.

      I went to another boneyard and a cat told me that the rust would easily come off with Scrubbing Bubbles Aerosol Bathroom cleaner. So I bought the two seats and console for $150 and took a chance.

      Sure enough after no more than a few minutes with a dish cleaning brush and the Scrubbing Bubbles stuff, the rust stain is coming right out and it's cleaning the seat nicely without bleaching it.

      And here's the proof: 

     It was a little "bathroomy" smelling so I put it out in the yard and rinsed it off with a bit of water. Highly recommended!

Comments from the forum:

I do detail work as a side job and clean up some pretty nasty rides at times. Yes, the Scrubbing Bubbles work on cloth, vinyl, and even leather when nothing else seems to do the job. Spray on, let it sit, agitate with a brush, and rinse and/or dry with an absorbent towel. ~~ 56picup / Stovebolter # 1621

I buy that stuff in 12 packs for cleaning. Never used it on seat though. Thanks for the tip! ~~ rev383 / Stovebolter # 11223

     In January 2007, Irwin gave us an update on his '59 which included a nice shot of the interior of his truck. (If you haven't read his Gallery page, you ought to. He's got a lot of good information there, too.) Check out that interior shot! ~~ Editor

Irwin Arnstein
1959 Chevy 1-Ton
Bolter # 2139
Garland, Texas (Dallas)

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v. August 2006

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