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Cab Mounts
Good for '41-'46 (others years, too)

By Randy Baumann

   Ever got your parts from the vendor and then had no clue how they fit? Thanks to Randy Baumann for these great drawings to answer that problem. We've also got this Tech Tip in a pdf format for easy printing! ~~ Editor

    I don't know if this would be considered a tech tip, but I have made several drawings that depict the cab mounts for my 1941-46 Chevrolet pick-up, but if I'm right they should also apply to other years.

    Last summer I purchased a cab mounting kit, and to say the least the instructions were not very good. The information and illustrations in the manuals I could find were not very clear either, so I decided to draw my own! I don't know if this is the same as the factory method, if not let me know.

    I would also like to create some drawings for the pick-up bed mounts, but the bed on my truck was converted to a flat bed many years ago, so I would appreciate if someone could help me out.

    Keep up the good work, the web site is great!

    Randy Baumann

Here are the four images:






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