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Cab Dolly

Good for '39-'46 (others years, too)

By Randy Baumann

    Wonder how to work on your cab off the truck without doing it more damage? Here's a nifty way to move it around. Thanks to Randy Baumann for these great drawings to answer that problem. ~~ Editor

    "I have found this dolly to be very useful, as it provides a stable and portable platform for working on the cab. I thought other old truck enthusiasts might also find it useful. More detailed information and drawings are available in this easy-to-read pdf format of this tech tip. Print if off for a "keeper."

    Here's the plan:

    Editor's Note: If you need additional information or have questions, please feel free to contact Randy directly ... he's a great help!

    Recently (January 2005), Steve "KCMongo" Mosely came up with a low-buck cab dolly. Glance throught that one, too. Perhaps a combination of the two will work for you!

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