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Batteries 101

by Steve VandenBerg

A short tip on battery installs and removals

      Battery acid is very corrosive. A battery can explode if a spark is created near it.

      When removing and installing the battery, follow these instructions. (Note: I use the term "ground" instead of "negative" because some vehicles use a "positive ground.")

      To eliminate possibilities of spark when removing the battery from your truck

  1. Disconnect the ground cable first. If you do this and then touch your wrench to the body or frame of your truck, you won't create a spark.
  2. After you remove the ground cable, you can't generate a spark when removing the opposite cable (unless you touch it to the other terminal).

      For the same reasons above, when putting a battery in your truck

  1. Connect the ground cable last.

Steve VandenBerg
Bolter #6449
Sioux Falls, SD

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