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Axle puller

By Koolkar


    You're going all out on this restoration, aren't you? You're even going to pull the axle shafts out of the rear end. Wow! BUT, you stop and look in the manual -- it says you need GM Tool umptyfratz that Snap On or Sears will sell you for a gazillion bucks. Wait a minute, you think, maybe you could borrow one from your buddy who lives in East Bangladesh (It's only a 12-hour drive there and back). Boy, has Koolkar got an epiphany for YOU!!!

Easy axle pulling with tools I already have?

You bet!!

    A friend of mine called to ask if I had a puller to help him get a stuck axle out of his Chevy truck. He lives some distance away, and it would be a chunk of his Sunday to drive to my place and back to his, so I give him this advice (Editor's note -- sounds like a Kenny Rogers song -- the only things missing are the train, the last sip of whiskey and the cigarette).

    (Chorus -- you can actually sing this part to the tune of "The Gambler") Turn the brake drum around backwards, and put all the lugnuts back on, but only tighten each one about 2 turns. Then use the brake drum as a puller. I told him to call back and let me know if it worked. He called me back about 20 minutes later and told me I was pretty smart ---- I told him he was right. (Editor's note -- That's debatable...)

    Happy pulling!


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