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A Cool Old Truck


Rob Phillips'

1946 1/2-Ton Pickup

Just another Boy Meets Truck story

From: Rob,

Aloha, y'all!

      I've been enjoying your site for several months now - ever since I finally got my Dad's '46 Chevy half ton back. He sold it to a neighbor for $200 ("...but, you already have a truck!") I guess it didn't occur to him that an '82 Toyota is not quite the same thing as a '46 Chevy!

      Anyway, it sat in this field outside Boulder, Colorado for nine years before I was finally able to buy it back for $850. (At one point, the guy said he'd be happy to let me have it for $6,000!) Even though it had gone less than 1 mile in that nine years, I was still able to drive it out of the field and onto a trailer for the trip up the mountain and into my backyard, where it now patiently awaits a rebuild - as soon as the house is finished.

      As far as I can tell, it's pretty much complete, though some of the parts are mismatched - like the front turn indicators (look closely at the lights on top of the headlights) and the hubcaps (total of six - three of each, similar but different...?) Once I get going, I'll be asking for info and clarification on these things. There's no rust that goes through anywhere, and the only real body damage is to the inside front fender wells, where someone brutally hacked holes to run braces for that awful front bumper - and bent up the grill in the bargain!

      My aim is not to do a custom or a show-level frame up. The temptation is strong to make a 4X4 out of it, but since it is so complete and straight, I'm just going to go through it carefully and make a clean daily driver out of it. Any input and advice will always be appreciated (though not necessarily adhered to!)

      I like your site a lot! Great tips and info and I always enjoy the Gallery - it would be nice if it got updated more often, but I guess you can't control what gets sent to ya!


Rob Phillips

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